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What’s In a Name? Picking the Right Brand for Your Service Business

When did you form your service contracting business? Was it back in the days of the Yellow Pages and word of mouth?

There was a time that HVAC, plumbing, and electrical contractors would pick a name that would be near the top of the alphabetical listings in the phone book: for example, A1 Plumbing. Some contractors would also name their businesses after themselves, thinking it would put a personal touch on their company and make it easier for people to remember.

However, times have changed. Today, your business will appear in search rankings, not in alphabetical order, but based on the search engine optimization (SEO) that you’ve included on your website, or on the ratings you have on a site like Yelp or Angie’s List.

Through CEO Warrior, I work with a lot of contractors who, quite frankly, really need a new name.

Your name should be a reflection of what you want your business to be. Picking the right business name, whether you’re just getting started or going through the rebranding process, can be a key part of helping you find more customers, make more money, and achieve the kind of personal freedom you want.

It might be time to do a little brainstorming. Keep these things in mind when picking a new name for your business:

What will appeal to your target audience?

You might want to include your business’ service areas in the name – but you might not. Think about your target audience and identify some keywords that might be attractive to homeowners in your area.

Make it memorable.

People remember names that they connect with on an emotional level. Use your name to make them feel special, or give them a sense of nostalgia – and they’ll never forget you.

Keep it simple.

Don’t pick long, confusing names, and don’t base it on a pun or inside joke that might not make sense to everyone.

Be broad enough to grow.

Let’s say right now you only serve Richmond, VA. You might think you should put “Richmond” in your business name – but what if you want to expand to Williamsburg later, or another state? Same goes if you’re a plumber but think you might want to add electric or HVAC services down the road. Don’t restrict yourself through your name.

If you’ve got a few names in mind, you can go with your gut, or do some focus group testing to help you pick the right one. Whatever you decide, remember to give it a little time – really embrace your new name and start marketing with it. Eventually it’ll stick.

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