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What I Learned When I Tried Stabbing Myself In My Neck

Arrows are sharp. They can pierce skin and muscle and do serious damage. So when I was instructed to try pushing an arrow through my neck, I wondered if this was the end for me.

Yes, I was instructed to try pushing an arrow through my neck. Why would anyone tell me to do that (and why would I listen to them)?

Simple: It’s an exercise in mind over matter.

If you press an arrow up against your neck and you think that the arrow will hurt you, guess what… it WILL hurt you. But if you press an arrow up against your neck and you decide beyond a shadow of a doubt that the arrow will not hurt you or even be able to pierce your skin, it won’t.

I was instructed to try pushing the arrow through my neck and I decided that it would not hurt me or even pierce my skin. I decided it fully and completely and without any doubt that there was even a remote possibility that I would be hurt…

… And as I pushed, the arrow broke. No harm was done and I lived to write this blog post.

The only reason it worked for me was because I had made the fully conscious decision to refuse to allow the arrow to harm me. But in order for it to work, my mind needed to be completely made up, with zero room for doubt or skepticism.

The same thing happened when I walked across hot coals. Under normal circumstances, the coals would scorch the flesh off my feet but when I decided that I would be able to do it unharmed, I walked across without pain or injury. (In fact, I’ve even become a Certified Master Fire Walk Instructor to help other people make the same discovery that I made).

I’m not advising that you rush out and start jamming arrows or any other sharp object into your body, or go stand in the bonfire in your backyard, because you’d be doing those things for the wrong reason – to try and prove me wrong or out of skeptical curiosity. You alone are responsible your actions.

With the arrow at my neck or the coals under my feet, I had a decision to make. I knew the dangerous (even deadly) consequences if I did not make the decision with 100% of my mind. So I made the decision that I would not be hurt and I successfully overcame the arrow exercise and the fire-walking exercise unharmed.

The lesson I learned is essential and it applies to absolutely everything in life and business: Mind over matter is a real phenomenon. When you make a decision to do something, you need to decide fully and completely and eradicate ALL doubt and skepticism. Don’t hope. Don’t wish. DECIDE. Whether your decision is to grow your business to a million dollars in revenue or $10 million or $100 million; whether your decision is to become a nationally recognized brand; whether your decision is to travel the world or retire early or meet the person of your dreams or become proficient at a skill or become President of the United States of American; whatever you choose to do in life and business, choose to do it entirely – believing 100% that you will be successful – and you’ll see amazing results that are only possible because you first decided in your mind.


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