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What Business Are You In?



Hey, Mike Agugliaro here, CEO Warrior, bring you another episode of what? CEO Warrior TV. Today, I want to talk about, what business are you in? I know some of you might’ve heard this before, but some of you may have not, and maybe some of you even read it in some of my different books. What business are you in? If you don’t know the business you’re in, and I didn’t know the business I’m in. When I started 21 years ago, I thought I was in the business of just doing jobs, and I was an electrician by trade, right, so I thought the thing was just, sell electrical jobs and do it. That’s the business I was in. Electrical.

You see, it took me over 10 years to really figure out the problem, because I was in electrical, but we weren’t growing to where we wanted. It was a struggle, a constant struggle, until I heard a guru. I heard somebody, it was actually Dan Kennedy, and it’s at the end of the rope. The end of the 10 years of struggle, where you’re just like, “Oh, my god. We’re gonna get out of this, because it’s just too painful.” We were just dying, and beaten up, and just struggling. Somehow, I ended up with Dan Kennedy’s stuff. I don’t know how. Probably by searching for a new way to do things, and I went to a seminar, and I heard him on stage, and I ask this question. “What business are in you in?”

He says, “No.: People are like, “customer satisfaction,” and “customer loyalty,” and “comfort,” and all this stuff, and he’s, “No. You’re in the business of marketing.” I was like, “Uh, what?” You know when you get that shift, like, “Wait a minute. What did I just hear?” He says, “Look, cause if you don’t learn how to market to people, to attract them to your business, can you even deliver the comfort? Can you deliver the satisfaction and all that? You can’t.” When I tell you there’s a pivotal point, and if you want to know the people in your area, and almost every area in the world has a big company and a really small company. You look at the big companies, you’re like, “Oh, my god. They market everywhere.” Yes. Pay attention. That’s what they’re in, the business of marketing.

The people out there with big businesses, they’re probably going to send me hate mail for this one, because they’re like, “Oh, my god, Mike. You’re telling them.” Here’s the deal. Even though you go into the business of marketing, get leads, grow your business really big, look. There’s Home Depot and Lowe’s. There’s Sam Clubs, and Costcos, and BJ’s. There is so much room for so many large businesses, that barely in anywhere on the planet has it scratched the surface. If you did a demographic study of top of mind awareness, or market share study, you’d be like, “Wow. There’s room for so many companies to grow.” I know, because I watch companies grow really fast. We grew really fast, right? From under a million, to over $20 million in less than 10 years, that’s pretty amazing growth. We could have did more than that, but I wanted to maintain some kind of lifestyle, and still do martial arts, and do all the other things that I want to do. Really ask yourself, if you believe that you’re in the business of marketing, what do you have to learn? What do you have to understand?

The other thing is this. There’s certain subjects that I believe you, as an owner, have to be an expert in. I know there’s a lot of expert companies out there, right? I believe that the owner needs to own the marketing. He doesn’t have to build flyers, and do the mule’s work, but he has to understand the concept of marketing, and branding, and brand penetration, and stackable marketing, and all these different things. The owner has to understand the strategies, and not only does he have to understand the strategies, he has to know the past trend strategies of what worked and doesn’t work, and he has to forecast new strategies out there for marketing today.

So many people are doing the wrong stuff. They’re like, “Oh, I’m doing SEO, because everybody’s selling it, right?” I’m like, “Man. I’m not telling you not to do SEO, I’m just telling you I didn’t even start it till after $20 million.” They didn’t give me the results, because how the hell do you do SEO, and fight against the biggest companies out there, the Angie’s List and the Home Advi … How do you even fight against them in SEO? I’m sure one of you are going to send me, “I’m number one in bum nothing location, the size of like ten people.” I’m like, “Ah. Great job. Is it feeding everything? Probably not.” I’m not telling you there’s not a place for it; I’m just telling you that, look, when you understand marketing as the owner, you can make really good decisions. You have to understand the philosophy.

It’s one of the things that I cover in the four-day event, is making sure you’re really understand the different between brand penetration and brand focus, and understand lead generation, and the difference between lead generation for existing, and cross pollination, and stacking strategies, to make sure that when you’re sending direct mail, you’re not getting a 0.5% return. That you’re getting 20 or 25% return. You don’t need millions of dollars to do this. You see, when you know the exact HVAC marketing strategy to do, you can do it really affordable and get amazing results. No one’s teaching you that stuff, and most of the companies … Look, not that they’re all bad, just, they’re so select that normally, they haven’t kept up on the most cutting edge, or they’re working with so many businesses, they don’t know how to deliver, maybe in the service industry, or I’m working with a dog trainer, dog trainer industry. They just don’t get it.

All right. I’m Mike Agugliaro. I’m wishing you a better and great day, today, and what? Every day. I just want to help you get massive wealth, tons of freedom, and market domination.



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