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Weakest Link


Hey, Mike Agugliaro Bringing you another episode of what? CEO warrior TV. And you’re like “Mike, what the hell do you got there?” Yeah, it’s a bad ass pen, isn’t it? This is actually a Schrade pen. You’re like “Mike, why are you even talking about a pen?” The video is not about the damn pen. You know I bring you massive value to get results. I just want to tell you, the cool thing about this pen is it’s actually a cool pen and it’s a weapon. Because it’s made so that you can fight with this thing, and it can get on the airport. Look, so you’re on a plane. In case anything happens, you’ll have your crazy ballistic pen.

But that’s not what we’re talking about. I want to talk about today is one of the most powerful concepts that I brought into my business to get everybody aligned. Everybody’s performing at a higher level. You ready for this? You’re going to love me for this. Here’s the deal. The weakest link. You see in our culture, we’re always saying we’re only as strong as what? Only as strong as the weakest link. When you get everybody understanding that, and let everybody know … And I’ve been using this for, wow. For a long long time now. Where I would say “Look, when somebody is under performing and they’re under performing and they don’t care, it’s like they’re going in, sticking their hand in your pocket, in everybody’s pocket and they’re pulling money out.” They’re pulling money, food from your family’s face. From their mouth. Do you get that?

A great meeting concept, if you just want to have everybody aligned is, we’re only as strong as the weakest link. You can talk about what weak links are. Now, people are not expendable to me. I don’t say “Oh, you’re weak. Get the hell out. Cut his head off.” We don’t do that. We say “Look, you’ve got to understand your weak and you’ve got to understand what you’re weak at. We’re willing to help you with the skill sets and the mind set and the action set. We’re willing to train, coach and manage you.” We want to make sure we have clarity, alignment and accountability. We’ll do that, because we don’t want you to be a weak link.

One thing that we do in our culture is everybody knows, all 160+ employees we have now, is that we fight for their livelihood. Every day, I’m fighting so they never have to worry about their paycheck clearing. That’s why people come and work for us, because they know as owners and leaders, me and my partner Rob fight everyday to become better. Not for ourselves, we’ve been doing good for 21 years. I mean, when we started the business, we were doing good. We fight for them. But I need them to fight as a culture for themselves. We implement the weakest link. Does this make sense to you?

Now, how do you make a message there? Well first, you got to implement it. You’ve got to apply it to a whole company. Look, it can be 3 people in a company and have a weakest link. We made sure we do bracelets for it. We do a poster on a wall. I mean, stuff that’s dirt cheap. Send out email reminders weekly, we’re only as strong as the weakest link. Does that make sense? That’s how we get massive results. That’s how you implement a simple strategy that can change the game.

All right, I’m Mike Aglero. What? Wishing you a better and great day today and every day. I just want you to get massive wealth, tons of freedom, and market domination. Don’t forget. Get a bad ass pen.


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