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Ward says it’s simple. If you follow his advice, you make money.

Our [ACA 00:00:13] chapter up in Massachusetts invited Mike to come up and speak to us one evening. I was president of the chapter at that time, introduced Mike. I heard him speak. He had Joe Tidero and the other master coaches with him, and I thought it was a good opportunity to explore, so we did. Now it’s my third time at a Warrior event.

I think Mike’s, number one, grown a business from a million to maybe thirty million this year, and he’s apparently spent a lot of time in personal development for himself. This is the only program that I’ve seen that really concentrates on personal development for the people involved in the program.

Mike always sends you home with stuff to do. Other programs I’ve been involved with, you sit in the room and hear a lot of stuff and you have a good time, you go home, and you don’t really do anything after the fact.

What I was really learning more about yesterday was alignment of my thinking with my employee’s thinking, especially my managers’ thinking. Understanding how getting that stuff aligned can move us forward.

I think we’ll have a 200% return on investment really.

I know personally some guys who think it’s a little bit of hocus pocus, and don’t believe Mike’s abilities, but I think his abilities are real, and I’m getting a lot out of it.

What I’d say to that guy is, “If you don’t have anybody helping you right now, get somebody.” Mike’s that somebody because, as I said earlier, Mike sends you home with stuff to do that’s productive and gets you results.

If you follow his advice, you make money.

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