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A Battle Wages Between Two Foes… And YOUR Life Hangs In The Balance…

There’s a war going on inside your head right now. It’s between two opposing mindsets… the victim mindset and the victor mindset. Sometimes one mindset wins in the moment, and sometimes the other mindset wins in the moment.

It’s a war between the victim mindset and the victor mindset. (Unfortunately, for most people, the victim mindset is the one that is most common as they go about their day-to-day lives).

Let me explain what each mindset is like (and YOU have both of these in your mind right now)…

Victim mindset: People who have a victim mentality are constantly complaining and are always trying to bring people into their circle of pain. They see the world as being always against them.

Victor mindset: The victor mindset, which shows up much more rarely in people’s lives, is about being motivated to strive to be the best all the time, in every situation.

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In every situation, either the victim or the victor will be in charge of your mind… and therefore, that victim or victor will influence your attitude, your behavior, and the outcomes you get from that situation.

For example, in the exact same situation…

  • The victim seems problems; the victor sees opportunities.
  • The victim sees show-stopping setbacks; the victor sees just a tiny glitch that they can easily overcome.
  • The victim wishes things wouldn’t change; the victor is busy making changes faster.
  • The victim fails and feels that “bad luck” is piling up against him; the victor fails and says, “Oh, I’ll be better prepared next time!”
  • The victim counts his failures and doesn’t bother to try next time; the victor counts his successes and is never satisfied with the status quo
  • The victim says, “why bother?”; the victor says, “why not?”
  • The victim says, “too risky!”; the victor says, “the reward is greater than the risk!”

Chances are, as you read this list, you recognize some people who are predominantly victims or predominantly victors in life.

And perhaps you see yourself as predominantly one or the other too.

victim mindset

We all have aspects of our life that make us a victim sometimes; we all have aspects of life that make us a victor sometimes.

However, you need to know that if you want to achieve your goals in life and business, it can only be done when you put the victor in charge of your mindset.

When Rob and I first started our service business, I allowed the victim mentality to take over in my mind. I saw the negativity and problems and hassles and obstacles in every situation.

But then something happened and Rob and I turned our business around and we grew it to over $30 million a year. People always want to know what the fundamental change was, and the answer is: I stopped letting the victim mindset control me and instead I put the victor mindset in charge.

The victor mindset spotted opportunities, ignored setbacks, and embraced the challenge of business growth. And because of that, our service business grew like crazy.

And here’s the really cool thing about the victor and victim mindsets…

YOU are in control of which one of those is in charge of your mind. Therefore, if you don’t want to stagnate and get bogged down with negativity and problems then don’t let the victim mindset be in charge! Simply put the victor mindset in charge.

This way of thinking about the two mindsets is a surprisingly powerful strategy because it is a tool… a tool that lets you course correct in any and every situation.

All it takes is for you to pause for a moment and ask yourself, “Which mindset is in charge at this very moment? The victim or the victor?” And if you realize that the victim is in charge, make a change. CHOOSE to put the victor in charge.

And, if you want to stay in the victor mode, you need to first decide to be there, then adopt velocity and momentum to propel you forward so that you are always pushing and don’t have time to let the victim mindset surface.

Just imagine what would your life look like if you were able to switch into victor mode whenever you wanted!!! You’d see opportunities everywhere, and you’d fearlessly pursue them.

In every situation in life, ask yourself who is in charge… then make sure that the victor mindset is in charge and take massive action to create velocity and momentum to help keep the victor mindset in charge.

3 Warrior Steps To Take

Step 1. Think about which of the two mindsets are predominant in your life. Although everyone has both mindsets, many people allow the victim mindset to dominate.

Step 2. Create a habit to pause in every situation and ask yourself which mindset is in charge at the moment, then put the victor in charge if it is not.

Step 3. Be a victor and go to and enrol in the 4-day event to get the secret blueprint to grow your business. (Don’t be a victim and find reasons not to go.) When you’re at the event, you’ll learn how to keep the victor in charge all the time and you’ll meet other people who have made that same shift in their lives to put the victor in charge, plus you’ll learn millions of dollars in strategies that your victor mindset can leverage to grow your business and your life.

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