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Vicky and Hanna say come along to CEO Warrior, Magic Mike will blow your mind!

Speaker 1: I would have to say come along to CEO Warrior, Magic Mike will blow your mind. Worth the money, worth the time, invest in yourself.

Speaker 2: Yep, definitely worth the investment and I think by far … As you can see with all these testimonials that it’s definitely worth it.

Speaker 1: There, you can’t put it past on coming here. This event has given us so much to take home with us, that you could pay a hundred million dollars and it still would give you more information than you could use. Fantastic.

Speaker 2: Out of all the books, podcasts, seminars, everything we’ve done over the years and we do a fair bit compared to most companies back home, this would definitely blow it out of the park.

Speaker 1: For me I have to say finding out about the core values, really reinforcing that, taking that home and driving it home inside the company. Looking forward to implementing and changing a lot of systems and procedures.

Speaker 2: For me it would be mindset, you can’t change until you want to change, and actually realizing things; say for example, for me delegation. I love to do things because I think I can only do it the best way, but realistically I should be working on more important things in the business and letting someone else to do it.

Speaker 1: Honestly, best event we’ve ever been to. Fantastic.

Speaker 2: Taken more than what we thought, every day you come and sit down and there’s just so generous in what he gives to you and shares with you, it’s unbelievable.

Speaker 1: Hey, move out of the frame.

Speaker 2: You’re in the camera. This is going to be the funniest one.

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