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Truth About Hiring

Hey, Mike Agugliaro, CEO Warrior here bringing you another episode of what? CEO Warrior TV. Why? Because I give you massive value, and content, and stuff to apply today. What am I going to talk about? I want to talk about hiring. Let me tell you something about hiring. Any time, any time I hear somebody say they’re struggling with hiring I ask them, one to ten, ten being all the focus, all the attention, a hundred percent I got to do everything and one nothing at all. What do you think I always find? It’s always a five or less. Look a five or less is failing. Your failing at that point. Your never going to get, get to where you want to go. You cannot be a five.

One thing you’ve got to do when your hiring is you’ve got to have a hundred percent focus on the outcome you want. The second this is you got to be clarity on what you want. I mean, who are you looking for? What is the avatar? What do they do? How are they? What kind of culture fit do you want? You have to identify this. The other thing is there’s no plan. So guys don’t have a hiring plan. They’re like I’m doing Craigslist Mike. I’m like your doing Craigslist, is that your whole plan? That’s not a plan. That’s like a task. When you step back to solve your hiring, you’ve got to give it a hundred percent focus. You have to build a global plan.

Hiring employees is recruiting. Recruiting is just another thing of marketing. You have to have marketing strategies to apply to even get people in. You have to understand what are you looking for, how your going to get to ’em, what’s the communication your going to have, what are the vehicles your going to get there. Now, if you build a marketing plan to recruit and know all those things, you’ll solve your hiring problems. The second thing is this, look you have to be an amazing place to work. You don’t need to be a big place. I’ve hired amazing guys eleven years ago when we were tiny. Amazing employees I have. Why?

I still had a nice painted wall. We were out of a two car garage at one time. Matter of fact, we were out of a little office building one time in about a ten by ten room with a trailer in the back. The ten by ten room looked organized, looked neat, we presented ourselves well, we were efficient, and we talked in a way that made people attracted to us. The other thing is your always thinking your competing against other people that are competing for people. That’s a mindset issue. If you know you are the very best person to work for by the way treat people, by the way you fight for your employees, that will attract them. You just need the simple things in place.

If you get the simple things in place and you believe it, really believe it, and you give it a hundred percent focus it will change the game. Guaranteed. You just have to do it. Now I know I teach strategies that no one else knows and it can help you get there quicker but look the fact is if you just give it the focus you’ll get there quicker by yourself. Agree or Agree? All right, I’m Mike Agugliaro. Change the game for your hiring. I’m wishing you a better and great day, today and every day. They say you shouldn’t point like that, too bad, what are you going to do, attack the camera?

All right, I’m just wishing you massive wealth, tons of freedom, boom, market domination.


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