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Troy got the knowledge and the know-how to make his business move forward.

Some of our biggest challenges is just getting everybody on board and onto the same track, including management. We need to focus and set some goals and target those goals and train and use the leadership to get everybody to stay on that track. I think that this class is training a lot on doing that and making you focus and making you stay or track and making you accountable.

I think Mike has learned a lot through experience. I think Mike’s learned a lot through other people, and what he has absorbed from them he’s put it in place obviously. He’s created a very successful business from ground up. He’s went through growing pains, he’s went through tough times, he’s went through down-turned economies and yet still showed potential growth. I think he has a lot of positive things and a lot of history to back his training.

I think the enthusiasm and drive that Mike has in his off-the-wall techniques, just the non-stuffy way of training I guess. Like he said, you can go and sit in a seminar of thousands and thousands of people and watch a presentation and really walk out of it going, “That was great, the speaker was great, but really what was it about?” I’ve sat in a lot of those. I think the smaller groups and just the way he bounces around and the way that he delivers is amazing.

Change doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a long time. Things get screwed up, takes a lot of time to get them screwed up. It doesn’t get screwed up overnight, it isn’t going to get fixed overnight. That was some of the things that he … going home and coming up with 45 items? You’re not going to attack 45 items, it’s going to overwhelm you and you’re going to be done. Focus on a couple, get them perfected, move on.

Like I said, it really is, it is priceless. You can take with it what you want. It’s hard to attach dollars to perfection, happiness, accountability and alignment, all that. It really is hard to attach. Would I like to say, “Yeah, you know what, I’m going to walk home from this class and I’m going to go from 8 million to 16 tomorrow”? That’s not doable, but you know what, this is what drives us to get to that goal.

I would tell them that, “You know what, it is money well spent. Procrastinating, you’re not going to move forward, you’re going to stay in the same spot. What do you want to do with your business? Do you want to grow it or do you want to stay or do you want to go backwards?” By going into classes like this it gives you that drive, it gives you that energy, it gives you the knowledge and the know-how of making that step to move forward.