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The Surprising First Step You Need To Take To Transform Your Business (Most People Skip This Part)

As you build your service business, you’ve probably encountered a few challenges along the way. And chances are, you’re reading this right now because you’re thinking about how to navigate those challenges and overcome them, and you’re wondering what parts of your business might need to change to really master the situation.

For example, maybe you’re struggling with finding and retaining a good team of people and you’re wondering if good employees really exist or if they’re more like the mythical unicorn.

Or perhaps you’re spending and spending and spending on marketing and feel like you’re never really getting ahead.

Or perhaps you show up to work every day and your best intentions fly out the window within the first five minutes as phone calls and urgent demands on your attention stack up.

These are common scenarios in most service businesses, and the business owners we work with often come to us  begging to have these pieces RESOLVED in their business.

But there’s a problem that will ALWAYS hold you back if you want these problems fixed. The problem is: many service business owners are often standing in their own way and don’t even realize it.

In The Secrets of Business Mastery, there are the 12 areas that service business owners need to master in order to solve these problems and get on top of their business. And what surprises most business owners when they first open the book is: The book is divided into two parts – Part 1: Inner Mastery and Part 2: Outer Mastery. The first four areas of mastery are inward – they’re inside YOU!

So forget trying to solve that employee problem, that marketing problem, or that time management problem… the very first thing you need to work on is yourself.

“But I have a BUSINESS problem,” the skeptic might say.

To which we would respond: “Your business is YOU. And making changes in your business will only have a positive impact when you first make changes within yourself.” When you build a house, you make sure there’s a good strong foundation first. Then you can build the house on top of it and have the confidence that the house will stand up.

In your business, YOU are the foundation and your business is the house. So a strong foundation ensures that your business has the best chance of survival and success.

The areas you need to master within yourself are covered in the first four chapters of this book, and they include:

  • Mastering yourself – such as your personal vision and purpose (even if you don’t think you have a personal vision, you have one; so why not make it the vision of your best possible future?)
  • Mastering your relationships – yes even your family relationships will impact how well your business runs. the book shows you how to have more meaningful relationships.
  • Mastering your health – as it says in the book, “show me a healthy person and I’ll show you someone who is, or will likely become, successful.”
  • Mastering your time – shows you how to better spend the time at work so you can spend less time at work!

Mastering your business starts by mastering yourself. It’s a concept that most service business owners don’t realize. But once you’re aware of it and start to change inside, you’ll see amazing transformation in your business.

Want to get that foundation in place? Start now!

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