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Tom Casey shares just how much he’s learned at the Warrior Fast Track Academy

It’s so much information. I mean, it’s just like four days worth of information, now it’s four years worth of information. It’s just so much that as hard as you work, and as much as you absorb, there’s no possible way you’re getting it all. This is my third time through. I’m sure I’m not even scratching the surface with it. There’s so much more to get, so every time, you see it from a different perspective.

I go back and look at my first Fast Track book and my notes, my second, and if I compare, you can see myself evolving. My level of thinking is getting higher and higher each time I do things.

First, for me personally as a leader, I thought I was leader, but I was really more of a manager. Managers maintain status quo, and I was probably pretty good at that. Thought I was doing a better job, but seeing what real leadership is about, kind of a game-changer. That’s helped the businesses, of course. Now I’m leading more, and not just managing, and building leaders, so that’s going to help things accelerate.

The other thing I think is really important with Fast Track is you … I’m an HVAC guy, so I have these HVAC blinders on, so I see HVAC. CEO Warrior just takes those away, and all of a sudden you see this whole wide open field. You see the possibilities. Been around the industry a long time, and so it’s like that old story, you can’t see the forest for the trees. I can’t see the forest for the trees. It’s like I’m just focusing on what I’ve always done, total game-changer in that regard.

Everybody who comes here is on the fence at some point. I said, “Get off the damn fence. Sitting on the fence ain’t comfortable, and if you keep sitting on the fence, you’re never going to get to the other side where the rewards are.” Make the decision. It’s money, but you got to get one idea, and you’ve paid for the investment, simple as that, many times over.

Mike, and Rob, and the team, they walk all the miles in our shoes. They don’t tell us theories. They live it, so there’s nothing being rolled out that’s like, “Here’s a great idea that I borrowed from somebody else.” It’s an idea that it works. It took us 10 tries to get there. Don’t make these mistakes, just do this and move forward. That’s not my typical experience with a consultant inside of the industry at all. It’s more trial and error, where this is super practical. They don’t hide the fact that it’s not perfect, that it took a while to be perfect, and things like that. I think that’s very unique for consultants.

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