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Tips For Changing The Game In Your Business (PT2)

In my last post I wrote about 3 ways that you can make positive changes in your business without shutting down your business. And in this blog post I’m writing 3 more ways.

I’m writing this because I’ve observed that service business owners are struggling with running their businesses, and they are frustrated by it but don’t see HOW they can make big changes in their business (without pulling everything apart and starting over). But I believe that you can take your existing business and make great, positive changes in your business while it runs.

Get as much accountability as you can

One of the most effective ways of implementing change when you don’t think you can is to get a ton of accountability. In the previous post I mentioned that you can get accountable by sharing with your team what your changes are. Here are 3 other ways to get more accountable: First, share with your family what you’re doing in the company. After all, you’re doing it for their benefit. Second, schedule a vacation for yourself at the end of the time period you think you can make changes in. The impending “deadline” to make sure your business is running without you is a great motivator. Third, get your mentor/coach/transformer on board by asking them to remind you – or even harass you! – about your intentions.

Start running your business the way you want it to run

What I mean by this is: As a leader, you direct your business in the way you want it to go. The changes you need to make start with YOU! Therefore, start with yourself and reflect the new way of doing business in your own actions, behaviors, choices, schedule, decisions, instructions, etc. As Gandhi said, “You must BE the change you wish to see in the world.” Likewise in your business, you need to BE the change you want to see in your business. Don’t wait for the business to change before you start running it the way it should be run.

Embrace the process, not just the result

You’re motivated to make positive changes in your business and it’s the result that drives you to make those changes. Unfortunately, change can be messy and sometimes slower than we want it to. Normally that can be discouraging and it can distract us from keeping our eye on the prize. But if you know ahead of time that things will be slightly messy and uncomfortable for a brief period (as all change is) then you can prepare yourself and your team mentally for it.

If you feel like you’re running on a treadmill in your business, you need to make changes. And since you can’t just shut your business down, these 6 tips will help you make positive changes in your business while it runs.

You’re in charge. Rise to the occasion. Push yourself through the change… and see amazing growth.

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