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the NEWS: Mike Agugliaro’s Book ‘The Secrets of Business Mastery’ Now Available


Mike Agugliaro’s Book ‘The Secrets of Business Mastery’ Now Available

EAST BRUNSWICK, N.J. — Mike Agugliaro, home services entrepreneur and founder of consulting company CEO Warrior, has announced his new book The Secrets of Business Mastery, now available on Amazon.

Agugliaro said the book provides a chapter-by-chapter collection of best business practices, tips, and tricks for service business owners based on his experience building a multi-million-dollar home services company from the ground up.

“There was a time early on in our business when we were really busy, but we also felt like we were running and running and not really getting anywhere,” said Agugliaro. “This book is for business owners who want to get off the hamster wheel and take control of their growth and future like I did.”

In addition to growing Gold Medal Service, Agugliaro is the founder of CEO Warrior, a business mentoring consulting company. Through CEO Warrior, Agugliaro uses his two decades in the home services industry to offer actionable processes and successful business models to other companies.

The Secrets of Business Mastery shares the power of what it means to build a different kind of service industry business,” Agugliaro said. “The step-by-step approach in this book will help you accelerate your success and reach your goals.”

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