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Here’s The Secret Weapon Against Your Competition



Are you facing a tough competitor in your market?

  • Maybe you have a bunch of competitors who are a level above you and it feels like you can’t quite break through to that level.
  • Maybe you have a bunch of competitors who are at your current level and it feels like you’re playing tug of war with equivalent strength so that you can’t quite win over them. (And maybe they’re even doing unethical things that you won’t stoop to but it worries you because they could outpace your business due to what they’re willing to do.)
  • Maybe you have a bunch of competitors who are a level below you and nipping at your heels… but they’re up-and-coming and you’re worried that if they get any bigger then they will start threatening the strength of your business.

Do any of those three situations sound like your market? Or maybe you’re like a lot of service business owners and you’re facing ALL THREE situations at the same time… just an aggressive market filled with competitors who would love nothing more than to see your business shut down.

So, what should you do?

I’ll tell you what a lot of service business owners do: they keep doing the same thing over and over, hoping that this time it works; they keep pushing themselves and putting in extra-long hours at the office or in their truck, hoping that time spent will be the x-factor that keeps their business alive.


doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. Worse yet, pushing yourself harder and harder is simply a recipe to burnout and doesn’t actually result in the business growth you’re hoping for.

Think about it:

you only have 24 hours in your day and so do your competitors. By simply pushing yourself harder and harder, you might get a bit of extra revenue coming in but all you’re doing is wearing yourself out faster. And that’s a path that you can’t take very long before it takes its toll. Do you really think that by working longer hours you’ll grow your business enough so that you can stop working longer hours? Maybe service business owners discover that the opposite is true: once they start working longer hours, they’re forced to continue for the survival of their business.

When that happens, your health suffers, your family suffers, and then (ironically) your business suffers.

Here’s what to do instead:

you need to stop trying to do the same thing over and over and find a new way.

… a way that is new to you but still proven and field-tested to work, no matter what.

That’s what we did when the CEO Warrior team built Service Business Growth. We decided to create a training course that would transform how service business owners ran their business. We outlined everything you need in your business to grow it (without putting in long hours continuously). We reveal everything that is working right now (and what isn’t). We show you the strategies, tactics, processes, systems, and even the mindset shifts that need to happen so you can grow.

Look, most service business owners are operating businesses that are simply running at a level of stagnation—they’re not growing; they’re just trying to keep from shrinking.

So the CEO Warrior team sat down and asked ourselves: what can we show service business owners to equip them to grow their business? What do we need to give them? How can we support them with tools and resources and strategies and swipe files?

And what we came up with was Service Business Growth.

Service Business Growth is a 3-day event that shows you exactly how to grow your business so that it grows bigger, faster, stronger, and more profitably without taking any extra time.

We don’t show you how to keep up with the competition…

We don’t show you how to beat the competition…

We show you how to build your business so that your competition becomes completely irrelevant.

Do you want to try to keep up with your competitors or do you want to create a business that is so strong you don’t even notice the competition?

The best part is:

everything you learn at Service Business Growth is proven and field-tested and it’s working right now. Rob and I built it and used it in our $30 million service business, and we’ve shown many other home service businesses around the world to implement it to grow as well.

Our strategies work.

Not only that but you get more than just strategies when you come to Service Business Growth… you get the strategies PLUS you build your very own customized implementation plan so that when you leave the event you are equipped with a step-by-step plan to strategically improve your business within the first 90 days after Service Business Growth.

In fact, many people who attend Service Business Growth and implement the 90 Day Implementation Road Map discover that their improvements more than pay for their investment to the event in the first place (MUCH more!) so it makes financial sense to attend Service Business Growth and to learn how to grow your business and then to implement everything you’ve learned.

You’re going to face competition in your market. It’s inevitable. So the question you need to ask yourself is: how will you handle the competition? Will you allow them to dictate the terms of your existence? Will you keep hoping that something different will happen even though you keep trying the same things and trying to work harder?

… Or, do you want to draw a line in the sand and say “enough is enough.” Then change EVERYTHING by learning how to implement new-to-you strategies that REALLY WORK and will skyrocket your business to a level that you don’t even notice if the competition exists or not. (Maybe you’ll even end up acquiring your competitors when they throw in the towel because you are just too successful for them.)

If you are nearing burnout and want to try a different approach, come to a Service Business Growth event and get the Warrior blueprint to grow your business.

To learn more, go to and find out what you’ll learn and how it can transform your business.

Your competition won’t know what hit them when you return to your market armed with the CEO Warrior strategies and implementation plan.

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