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The Power of the Word is the Power of the Outcome!

the power of the word

I want to discuss the potential for words to change your world. Discover how to program your reality with words that empower you and push you to greater heights instead of limiting your potential. The power of the word matters more than you probably realize.

Key Lessons Learned:

The Power of Words

  • Words can do things for you or to
  • What are some words that you can’t stand as a business owner?
  • Words carry emotion based on your perspective and program you to certain mindsets. You program your reality with the words you use.
  • Using a word like “small” can limit your perspective of your world and the opportunities you see.
  • If you have a “problem”, you may not be able to see a solution, where if you have a “situation” you are in the process of working through it.
  • The difference between “waiting to land” and “land” is different thinking.
  • Don’t use limiting words when describing your world.
  • What are some words that you use in your regular language that are haunting you. Don’t try, don’t hope something works, you already assume you’re going to fail based on your language.
  • Some people look at billionaires and think they are lucky, they aren’t lucky. They created their own reality.
  • The difference between “busy” and “prepared” is planning. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.
  • Words and actions string together your reality. The power of words can transform your life and your business for good or bad. Choose your words wisely.
  • What some words that you would like to program yourself with today? If there is a negative word you use all the time, swap it out for the opposite.
  • Using fearful words can keep you stuck in place, use words that energize you and inspire courage instead.

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