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The Most Powerful Words You Can Ever Say

The words you say have a lot of power. That’s true forquote-791953_1920 each one of us and it’s even truer for leaders who run businesses… because your customers and your team listen very closely to what you say (as well as how you say it and what you do about it).

Saying the right things can help you build a loyal customer base and a loyal team – and those two groups will ensure a strong, substantial future for your company. Saying the right things in your personal life helps grow your relationships – with your spouse, your children, and anyone else you meet.

I believe there’s a phrase you can say that’s the most important, valuable, and powerful words, which can have a profound impact on anyone that you say it to. Saying these specific words will deepen any relationship.

Those most powerful words are: “How can I help you?”

Read that question again and imprint it on your mind!

Here’s why these words hold so much power…

When you ask that question with authenticity and integrity, you show someone that you truly care about them because you are interested in their needs.
• When you ask that question and listen to the response, you’ll hear a lot because people will answer it! You’ll hear their words, the emotion behind their words, and you’ll often even hear the hidden thoughts and motivations that run deeper than the words they say.
• When you ask that question, listen to the response, and then take action to help, you become an invaluable problem-solver who genuinely cares about the needs of others.

I challenge you to try this for a week: Make that question part of your everyday speech for a week. Aim to ask the question to every person you meet. Ask everyone – your customers, your team, your family, your friends… even your dry cleaner and barber and the cashier at the grocery store. Then listen to their answer and take action to help them as much as possible.

I promise you: you’ll be amazed at what happens. You’ll see others differently; they’ll see you differently. You’ll deepen your professional and personal relationships. You won’t be the same person you were when you started this challenge a week earlier. You’ll get to the end of the week-long challenge and you’ll want to continue saying these words to people.

Some further tips:

• Always ask with authenticity – check your headspace to make sure you’re not just asking out of default but because you genuinely care.
• Listen! We sometimes say “how are you today?” but don’t really care what the other person says as a response (which is why everyone just says, “fine, thanks”). Listen, and don’t be afraid to press a bit for a response if the person doesn’t realize you are waiting for one.
• Do everything you can to help. You may not always be able to solve every problem but you can listen, empathize, and perhaps you can take some kind of action to help. Help whenever you can.

“How can I help you?” – when spoken with authenticity, when you listen to the answer, and when you take action to help, you will change the lives of others you meet and you’ll change your own life.

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