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The Crucial Skill Every Service Business Owner Needs

Service Business Owner

There is a crucial skill that every service business owner should have… but very few actually have this skill and are using it. Problem is, you NEED this skill because you’re called upon every day to use it. Mastering this skill will elevate your business; not mastering it will mean stress and frustration.

Key Lessons Learned:

Decision Making Process

  • Everybody has a decision-making process that they do but don’t understand. You definitely have a process, but nearly no one has it written down.
  • A process has to have a sequence of things that you go through, criteria you use to evaluate different courses of action.
  • For business decisions, you first need to consider the Return on Investment, Return on Time, and Return on Life. There are more things to think about, but if you skip those first three you could get into big trouble.
  • If you can’t find good employees, it’s not because they are no good employees, it’s because you suck at finding them. You probably lack a defined decision making process that you need to find and hire the right people.
  • The fourth criteria is how will the decision serve your employees?
  • The fifth criteria is will this decision serve your clients?
  • The last two criteria can help you check off the first three and will let you know if you’re on the right track to the best decision. The final piece of the puzzle is the sanity check, if the sanity check says no, the decision has to be a no. If you can check off all the boxes, the decision is simple and easy.
  • You must have a written process for how you make decisions in your business.
  • Your customers also have a decision making process and you can actually share your process in order to help them out.

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