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The Consequences of Success

Consequences of Success

What would happen to your family and your business if you couldn’t work anymore? Learn about the consequences of success and why small-mindedness will prevent you from making an impact on the world. Find out why your business and your life won’t grow until you work on yourself and create permanent lasting change.

Key Lessons Learned:


  • Success is many things. You’re successful just to be alive today.
  • The consequences of lack of success come out in many ways including stress, pressure, anxiety, frustration, and anger. They all come from a lack of the success that you wanted.
  • Your perception of what growth is and what it takes determines how you feel about it.
  • Don’t let small-mindedness keep you small.
  • Many people believe they are small, but is that really true or is that just a choice. Some people have already accepted defeat. You can only accomplish things at the level of your thinking.
  • When you’re digging a ditch it comes down to either you’re going to beat this task or it’s going to beat you. It becomes a question of your definition of success.
  • It’s not difficult to grow a company or achieve success, it’s just different.
  • The common idea is that it takes weeks to create a change in behavior but that’s not true. One moment can change your whole life.
  • It’s not grow or die in terms of the business, it’s death of success and freedom and the belief you will be able to achieve what you wanted.
  • The brain is nothing more than a computer. Whatever you tell it, it will create. If you tell yourself you’re small, you will be small.
  • Even believing your company to be big can be a form of small-mindedness if it stops you from trying to grow.
  • What you would tell your five-year-old child, you should tell yourself.
  • When you visualize the outcome and tell yourself a different story, your story is going to change. People sabotage themselves because they tell themselves a story that keeps them small.
  • You can’t hone a new skill set with the same mindset.
  • Temporary motivation doesn’t work, you need permanent change. For Mike permanent change happens in a total immersion environment, you have to figure out what method works for you. You can’t move on to the next thing until a permanent change has occurred.
  • If you want greater results you need to work on yourself first before you work on your company.
  • Success is mandatory because there will be pain down the road for your family. Ask yourself “what’s the consequence of not moving quicker?”
  • The bigger you grow the more you can impact the world.


  • What happens to your business if you get hurt and can’t work or if you died?
  • Mike tells the story of his former boss who passed away due to cancer. After passing away the business quickly fell apart because there was no plan or people in place to keep it going.
  • Are you setting the stage for your family? Will they be protected if something goes wrong?

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