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The BIG Relationship Problem In Your Business

relationship problem


Mike Agugliaro takes a break to share some crucial relationship training for business owners. If you want your employees and team members to stick around for the long term and give you their best work, you have to be able to understand what they need, want, and desire from you. Learn how to avoid conflict and creating lasting relationships by having one simple conversation with your employees right now.

Key Lessons Learned:

Relationship Problems

  • When we look at our employees there is always questions and relationship problems. Why are they not happy? Why do they feel let down?
  • In all your relationships, including with your employees, there are needs. Everyone has needs, some are simple, like food, water, and air, but some are more complex and unique to the individual. Needs are the first level of wants.
  • Understanding what someone needs can allow you to create alignment with them so that you can also get what you need.
  • Wants are the second level. We want more money, new clothes, a new car, opportunity, etc.
  • Desires are higher level wants, they are more long term and ambitious. We desire a bigger house, an empire, etc.
  • If you can understand a person’s needs, wants, and desires you can get everyone aligned and on the same page. It’s a tool that you can implement in your company to create alignment between your business and your team.
  • Clarity creates alignment, alignment creates accountability.
  • You don’t have to grant whatever it is the person desires, but you can be a path that allows them to reach it.
  • Once you’ve done this exercise with an employee or prospective employee it’s time to flip it around and establish what you need, want, and desire from the relationship as well.
  • Oftentimes employees will leave a company because one of their needs aren’t being met. Failing to fulfill something that you promised is a common relationship problem. Don’t promise something that you don’t intend or can’t deliver.
  • Sometimes you have to take what you want into your own hands instead of waiting for the other person to satisfy you.
  • Employees are like any other relationship, if their needs and wants are not met the relationship will fall apart. The conversation can be tricky but it’s essential if you want to be able to work together and ultimately avoid relationship problems that cause employees to leave.

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