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The Art Of Business Growth With Tim Grover

Business Growth

I interview Tim Grover in this special episode of the CEO Warrior Podcast. Tim Grover is the authority in the science of the art of physical and mental dominance and the author of the best selling Relentless: How To Go From Good To Great To Unstoppable.

Key Lessons Learned:


  • Tim Grover teaches that individuals can be divided into three categories when it comes to competition, work, and what they think: coolers, closers, and cleaners.
  • Coolers are the people that prefers to watch rather than do. They watch the game and criticize the ones who are actually playing.
  • Closers are the people who participate in whatever they do.
  • Cleaners are the people who dominate their space and always excel at what they do.
  • There is a big difference between acting and action. The people who are actually cleaners put action behind their words, cleaners always want more. They don’t remember the deals that they closed, they remember the deal that got away.
  • Everybody needs a coach and a mentor, you just have to find the person that is right for you. The best athletes in the world are the most coachable. They listen and they hear, and they take that information and figure out how to use it.
  • The right coach doesn’t let the fire within you, they teach you how to light your own fire.
  • Cleaners not only elevate their own game, they bring up the game of the people around them as well.
  • You have to take new information and use it to excel, not be afraid to execute on something different.
  • Everybody’s definition of success is different, most people when they reach a level of success compete with someone else. A cleaner competes with who they were yesterday, not who someone else is today.
  • The zone is about clarity. You can’t follow someone else’s routine and expect to get the same results. You have to figure things out for yourself that will get you fired up.
  • When you get up in the morning, think of a phrase or language that will light your fire. You are always in a fight with people in your head and your life that don’t want you to succeed, get up and get ready to go as soon as your feet hit the floor.
  • Some people hear feedback where others hear criticism, everyone takes some hits and loses once in a while. Do you the work before you need it and prepare for the inevitable adversity. Are you dealing with it or are you resolving it? Do you have a problem or do you have a situation?
  • You have to have your non-negotiables when it comes to business. Everyone has to be accountable, if you don’t tolerate it when losing don’t tolerate it when winning.
  • You can communicate with everyone the same way. It’s your job as a leader to understand how you need to communicate with each team member.
  • People want to be held accountable, they want to know what their results are and what they are working with. When you hold yourself accountable, you won’t worry about being held to account by someone else.
  • Just because a person isn’t a cleaner at one thing doesn’t mean they aren’t a cleaner is other areas of life.
  • If you’re not a cleaner yourself, you are going to have trouble coaching and managing cleaners on your team. Links To Resources Mentioned

Links To Resources Mentioned

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