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The 3 Areas Of Focus

The 3 Areas Of Focus
The 3 Areas Of Focus

Master Your Mind And Get More Done With The 3 Areas Of Focus

Service business owners have a problem: They need to get a lot done during the day but their focus is scattered. They might be thinking about something and then suddenly their attention is drawn elsewhere as they answer a question or put out a fire. And even when you’re by yourself trying to do some work, it’s easy for your mind to move around from one thought to another. Or do you find yourself watching our phone for texts when you should be paying attention to your spouse across the dinner table?

One very powerful strategy to help you master your mind, focus on the right things, and get more done is by thinking of focus as being in three possible places – in the past, in the present, or in the future.

The Three Areas Of Focus

There’s a time for each one, but it’s important that when you’re thinking in one of these areas that you STICK with this area for a while and finish what you started before moving on.

  • When your focus is in the past, that’s where the lessons of experience are. Think about the past and how you worked through a situation or problem in the past and apply those principles and lessons to today.
  • When your focus is in the present, that’s what you’re working on right now. Work on one thing and work at it until you’ve done everything you can in the time you’ve allotted to work.
  • When your focus is in the future, that’s when you’re planning and thinking about what’s down the road. Anticipate what’s coming and plan for it.

The Shadow Side Of These Areas Of Focus

Applying your focus for a period of time in each of these areas is good but you must beware of the “shadow side” of these. Thinking of the wrong things in the past will fill you with regret; thinking of the wrong things in the present will distract you; thinking of the wrong things in the future will fill you with worry. So you need to be aware of your focus and maintain it on the thing you want to focus on.

How To Master Your Mind

To get control of your mind, make sure you are learning from the past, working in the present, and planning for the future – and to do this effectively, you need to do the following:

  • Always have a purpose for where you’re directing your mind
  • Give yourself an allotted time line for whatever you’re going to think about

With a clearly defined purpose, and a pre-set time, you can direct your mind to focus on the productive task in the most productive area (past, present, or future), while avoiding the shadow side of each area.

This works whether you’re trying to clean up your inbox, review your numbers, have supper with your family, or just about anything else.

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