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Testimonial: Charlie McDermott

Charlie McDermott here, founder, of the Business Entrepreneur Network. We help hundreds of small business owners in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area build valuable, scaleable and saleable businesses.

Building a successful business is not an individual sport, and building it smart and fast requires working with individuals who have been there and can provide you the bread crumb trail. Mike Agugliaro is just that guy.

He’s taken his company, Gold Medal Service, to $23 million plus annually. Mike gets it. He knows what it’s like to grow a company, and most importantly to build a team that allows the owner to step away and not have to live in their business.

Mike has helped me clear the fog from my thinking on many occasions. If you have a service based business doing half a million to $5 million a year, let Mike guide you through the profitable trail he’s already blazed.

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