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Teresa says if you want to succeed, if you want to grow your business, you need to go for it. you need to do this.

Go for it, don’t hesitate, ask questions, research it, but ask questions, and I’d say balls to the wall, go for it, headstrong. Don’t let something get in your way because a lot of times you’ll see something and you’re like, “It’s too good to be true.” Listen to these guys, get on this site, make a phone call and talk to them. Ask the questions, you want to be comfortable enough to do it, but that being said, it is more than worth doing it. You want to jump out there, you want to take advantage, and you shouldn’t let anything stop you. If you want to succeed, if you want to grow your business, and you want to be successful in your personal life and your business life, you need to go for it. You don’t need to ask any questions, you need to do it.

I think, and it is, it’s tough to put a dollar figure on it because to try to weigh out where you’re picking so much up because it is so much. I think for a lot of these businesses it’s going to double the business, it’s going to take us from a two and a half or three million dollar company to a five or a six million dollar company. Everything you’re bringing in, and to sit there and have so many days with somebody that you’d be lucky if you paid a hundred thousand a day to sit through something like this for eight or ten hours, and multiplying it by four, and looking at what your outcome’s going to be and what you get from it is incredible.

I don’t know where to start. Everything from working with employee … There’s so much to take home from the financial side to marketing, which is so important, to just working with employees and picking up the status and picking up the talent and bringing in the right talent, and having the right players in the right positions.

I think with him, and obviously I’ve just met him these last few days, I’ve seen him on a video, but that was it, but everything, the ninja background, and the martial arts background, bringing that with the personality … of course the Italian part’s important, we got to have that in common, but just the personality, the type of person he is, and taking it not just from the business level but to the personal and working with families as well as the business. I think that’s the most important thing. I’ve heard other speakers before and done things where it’s just mainly based on the actual corporations and on big companies, and it doesn’t touch you the same way, it doesn’t affect you the same way, and you don’t absorb it the same way as you do hearing it from somebody who’s up front, who’s personalizing it, who’s been there done that, who’s families are in the room. It actually pulls it together with the wives being here and stuff, it makes it that much more important and that much closer to home.

We call this a workshop instead of a seminar, where you’re doing a lot of work. Explain to the person who’s not here what that’s like.

Hands on. You get to do hands on, you get to see it, you get to touch it, you get to feel it, and anything you don’t understand, you have a question, you ask the question, and you’re not afraid to ask it because everybody’s in the room, it’s not just Mike and Rob, but you’ve got the directors, you’ve got the Warriors that have been here and done this already. They’re right here to help you and lend a hand, and help you to understand it, so it’s not like you’re just looking in a book answering questions and going away, you’re actually hearing true stories about what people have already done and been through and it actually opens you up to saying I really can do this and get the focus, but know you’ve got a strong support group that’s going to continue to be there that’s not going to go away when you walk out the door.

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