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Talbot feels the value for what you get is priceless!

Kept checkin’ out his Facebook page, and then kept lookin’ at all Mike’s stuff, and then actually had a chance to talk to him, and decided this was somethin’ I would try.

First off it’s like a punch in the face, because you realize that your level of thinkin’ is really holdin’ you down, and holdin’ down your people. To try to circle ’round and say you’re havin’ problems with these two, three, four things whether it be marketing, or hiring, or bringing people up to a whole ‘nother level, it’s more about what can I do better. Become a better coach, better leader, and those types of things.

I’ve been to a lot of different events, and they’re about motivation, and rah-rah, and you get plenty of that here, but it’s not about motivation. It’s about application. That’s just powerful knowin’ that I’m going to go home with a blueprint, a plan of the when, where, what, why, how, and this is the things that I’m going to implement exactly when I get back so that’s awesome.

There’s no substitute for the touch, the feel, the senses of seein’ what’s happenin’, bein’ able to go around through the building, and actually talk to … He calls ’em Master Coaches, but talk to the people that are really runnin’ the business for him is awesome. Those guys have shared so much information with me, and there’s no substitute for it.

I going to bring back clarity, alignment, and accountability. That’s going to transform, because part of my communication skills … I think I know what everybody’s hearin’ me say, and they’re really not, so just laser focus. Make sure I … They understand what I’m sayin’, what I want to deliver, and to have the clarity answerin’ the why is going to be transformative. Then the consistency that we hope to bring through this.

Oh, it’s going to be huge. I’ve done over $100,000,000 on business, and it’s not what you do, it’s what you keep. I know that these things are going to improve the top line, and the bottom line tremendously, because I’ve just turned a lot of dollars over the years, and this is just … It’s going to be awesome. A value? Really? I can’t.

Millions. I mean it’s ridiculous.

You can’t. It’s priceless.

You might not like the first thing I’m going to tell ya, but don’t come here if ya not wanting to get punched in the face. Because Mike’s going to punch ya in the face, and he’s going to call ya out, and he’s going to tell ya the way it is. If you want to improve your business, and more importantly want to improve yourself, then bring it on. It’s just an awesome event. Mike’s an awesome speaker. Been through a lot of things. There’s a lot of fake people out there. He’s not fake. You might think he’s a little crazy, but he’s not fake, and you … Bein’ honest if you don’t come to this event you’re bein’ foolish.

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