Jeff feels this experience is going to improve his whole life!

Speaker 1: This is my first time, yep. Speaker 2: What do you think of it? Speaker 1: It’s amazing. The whole experience has just been great. I think it’s going to improve my whole life. From the board break, with the breakthrough with that. That was just incredible and I couldn’t be happier with […]

Patrick feels like he is finally getting his life back again!

Wow. It’s pretty hard to eliminate down to 3 of them, but probably the first number 1 for me is just getting back my life as far as getting the time that my business has sucked out of me for the last 15 years. Getting that back. My personal, with my family, just to making […]

Pauline is sure she can now double her company in the next three years.

Basically, trying to make the company a turnkey operation. We’ve been in business for over 40 years, and I really enjoy the business, and I’d like to make it a turnkey. Not that I want to sell it, but I think that’s the most efficient way to be. Make it turnkey and then decide you […]

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