Here’s The One Thing Every Salesperson Needs To Have

We have an opportunity to raise the standards of care and service that people experience in our industry. We have the chance to treat people better and bring about reasonable and necessary change within our industries which potentially have low standards of customer care.

Creating Your Culture

A crappy culture leads to a crappy service business! You’ve got to put the fix in before your culture makes the business rotten to the core.

More Money Isn’t the Solution

There are many money strategies to help you improve sales, but they won’t mean a thing unless you start with some core basics.

Stop Waiting Until You’re Bigger to Grow

Don’t wait. Start adopting these things right now BEFORE you are busy. When a contractor owns a business, it’s only natural that they want to grow it. Maybe they want to grow the size of the company (as measured by employees); maybe they want to grow the revenue and profits; maybe they want to grow […]

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