How To Win Big This Summer

Yes, it’s entirely possibly to have an even better summer! Here’s how… The summer time is usually a busy time for contractors: the weather is nice, people have emerged from winter hibernation and are thinking about improving their home and spending more time entertaining friends in a beautiful backyard. This can mean a busy time […]

7 Ways To Sell More and Serve More

How can you, as a Contractor, create happier customers while also selling more and serving your customers at the highest level? Here are seven strategies you can use while sitting with your customer face-to-face to help.

Eliminate Customer Price Sensitivity

In the world of contracting, it feels like customers are notoriously price sensitive. “Is that your best price?” “Can you do better?” “I’m shopping around for the lowest price.” “Ouch, that is more expensive than the other quotes I’ve received.” Have you heard any of these? Chances are, if you’ve worked as a contractor for […]

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