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Success vs Failure

Success vs Failure

Mike Agugliaro talks about success and failure today and why you need to understand two crucial insights. Without them you will never feel successful and failure will always loom over the horizon.

Key Lessons Learned:

Success vs Failure

  • A lot of people say that success is a mindset, but that’s not entirely accurate. It’s understanding what success looks like for you.
  • There are many layers of success and sometimes we let happen is we let one thing that we look at as a failure consume our mind. It becomes our ultimate failure.
  • There is confusion between success vs failure, specifically on what to do and what not to do.
  • The fastest way to find success is to find someone to show you what to do, just like the wise masters of the past.
  • How will know you have succeeded and will you be satisfied when you get there? For most people, the trouble is the goal posts keep moving.
  • There is one cardinal rule that has to be steadfast. If you never have clarity on what success looks like for you, how can you ever feel any satisfaction in your life? Get completely clear on what success means.
  • If your success target is too far or too large, it won’t drive you. You need defined criteria that is imminent for you to feel motivated.
  • People tend to focus on their failures and they tend to overshadow all the small and big ways they’ve succeeded in the past.
  • Winning small games helps you stay in the big game and hit the big targets.
  • You can’t create alignment without hyper clarity on what success looks like for you and your business.
  • Ask your employees what success looks like for them this week. People will drive themselves way more than you ever could. When your team starts leading themselves to success, that’s when you’re ultra successful. The leaders job is to lead only until everyone can lead themselves, that’s when they should step back.

Failing Forward

  • You have to rewire your perceptions. Instead of thinking of something that went wrong in your life being a failure, consider it a lesson that will get you closer to where you want to go. The success vs failure paradigm should be success or lesson learned.
  • A real failure is something that doesn’t have a lesson behind it.
  • Just because something can always be better, that doesn’t mean you didn’t achieve success.
  • Don’t look at something as just a success or failure, always look for the lessons that you can carry forward into the next experience.
  • Contracts keep people aligned, Service Level Agreements are about agreeing on what success and failure look like between companies.

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