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Steve wished he had known about the FTA a long time ago!

Mostly personal challenges. Like I said, your mindsets, and just myself personally, taking action on a lot of things I know I should be, and right guidance from someone like Mike, and his mentorship and the things he’s teaching us is just phenomenal.

Actually I heard about the program on a webinar with our SEO company, and they interviewed Mike, and the interview was … He said things I’d never heard before, and I thought, “I got to find this guy out.” I bought his book on Amazon, and I started reading it. I hooked up with him and I’m like, “I’m going to anything he has to offer.” That’s why I’m here.

Totally different. It’s a real personal setting, it’s not a big group of people, two, three hundred people. To me it seems real personal, like he’s really interested in just my company, even though there’s other people here. It’s more personal, and like I said, where the rubber meets the road, real practical.

Being here at his company you can see the success, and the energy and the knowledge and the information of some of the things he’s already said. [inaudible 00:01:17] at lunch, never heard before, or heard in a slightly different manner from him. Like I said, laying out where it’s easier to understand and apply.
If I left right now, and what I’m paying, it would be worth it. He’s already given me stuff I need. I still have three days to go, so I’m really excited to finish.

I think there’s a lot of bad information out there. There’s good information too, but to me it was finding a mentor. A lot of people just lay the information out there and say, “Hey, go figure it out.” To him, he seems really interested in helping you. That’s really what’s important to me.

I would say don’t go anywhere else, just come here to start with, because I’ve wasted a lot of time and money and energy trying to get the information I need. If I knew about him a long time ago and he had this, I would’ve been here.

Learned a lot about taking action. A lot of great information.

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