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Stephen believes Mike really knows what he’s talking about when it comes to growing a business.

I heard about this event … I actually met Mike at a small group kind of professional development group and heard Mike speak and knew that there was something special about Mike, but I didn’t really know what he did or didn’t really know what was special about him. After I got to know him a little bit better, realized that, man, this guy really knows what he’s talking about when it comes to growing a business, scaling a business, building a team and all the stuff that I want in my business.

When I found out what exactly he did, I had to come to this event. Some of the challenges that I’m facing in my business that by coming here, I’ve been able to remedy and work towards is scalability. We’re a relatively small company in the grand scheme of things, but we’re growing really, really fast. We’ve learned a ton about how to build a great team, how to build a great culture, how to hire and how build-in processes so that we can scale much, much faster than most other companies.

Some of the biggest takeaways that I’ve had just in the short time that we’ve already been here and still have three and a half days left to go, is fear is not really real. Mentally, our brains are about the same as we were 20,000 years ago, so fear is this emotion that we were given to basically for survival. Nowadays, we don’t need that emotion at all, but however, the emotion is still there. All it does is hold us back. I mean it just keeps us from doing the things that we really want to do.

Just hearing Mike go through this topic and conversation about fear and all the things that it’s keeping us from accomplishing in our lives and in our business, it’s amazing. It’s a great reminder and also it just helps me remember to break through and this fear stuff doesn’t really matter at all. Do what I want to do and grow the business as I know that I can. If I implemented all the stuff that Mike has taught at this event, it’s easily a $1 million extra this year, but the compound effect of what he is teaching is probably $10 to $15 million over the course of the next five to seven years, so it’s going to massively compound on itself, but this year alone, easily a $1 million.

If you’re thinking about coming to this event, it’s a no-brainer. You need to sign-up and come. Even though I know you don’t know who I am and you don’t know what I do or why you would listen to me, just sign-up and come. Now if you need more encouragement, look at the other things that he’s done for other people. Listen to the other testimonials. These are all true people telling you why you should be here. That alone should be enough. I mean this is real results here. Sign-up and come. Then I believe he even has a money back guarantee. If you don’t get the value out of it, there’s no loss in it. Come to this event.

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