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Size Matters!

darts-673229_1920Many business owners create a vision for what they want their business to be, they develop aspirations for where they want their business to go, and they establish targets to measure their growth.

Since some business owners DON’T do that, the ones who do are automatically moving their business forward more effectively. But even if you’re creating targets for your business, listen up because I’ve got something to tell you:

Size matters… and your vision, aspirations, and targets are probably too small. It’s good that you’re creating targets but chances are, your targets aren’t big enough.

There are others who have said similar things: Donald Trump has said, “You have to think anyway, so why not think big?” Or there’s the heartwarming saying, “aim for the moon because if you miss, you might hit the stars.”

Here’s why you need bigger targets:

1. Inspiration: Regular-sized targets are average and they create lukewarm thoughts and feelings about their achievement. The bar is set so low that you don’t get excited about it. But if you set a massive target, you and your team will be inspired to work toward it.

2. Level-up: A lot of people who create targets, create them to be the high water mark of their current ability. But a bigger target forces you to step-up your game and level-up your skillset because you know that you’ll only be able to reach it if you expand yourself first.

3. Force creativity: On your way to achieving your targets, you’ll invariably run into problems and challenges that prevent you from moving forward, even if you are leveling up your skills. Truly stretching targets will force you to get creative in order to achieve the target… and that creativity will be a significant advantage for you whether or not you reach your target.

4. Bypass others: An average target means that you’ll stay with the pack. But the pack isn’t the place to be. You want to lead the pack; you want the pack eating your dust. So setting massive targets forces you to bypass others. Even if you fall short of your target, as long as you did the work necessary, you’ll probably still be in front of the pack.

5. Massive success: Achieving the big targets you set creates massive success that far outpaces what you originally aspired to.

Think about all the targets you’ve set for yourself – from customer acquisition numbers to revenue generation and profitability to your market area, and more. List your targets, list the measurable outcomes you’ve established for those targets, and then bump them up. Increase them to the point where you get scared about what will need to change in order to achieve that target. When your targets approach your fear levels, then they’re finally big enough.

Powerful, inspirational, and stratospheric targets are set and achieved by CEO Warriors – the fierce group of business owners who know that big targets create big success.


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