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Discover why Shawn is ready to make some changes!

Speaker 1: We had gone through some coaching before with another company, and we were with them for probably about 8 to 10 years, and we were very happy with them, but we felt like we had graduated from them. When Mike came out and did his presentation, we thought he heard something new and something that excited us, so that’s why we had signed up for this class.

Speaker 2: For my perspective, really working on our culture to try to get more efficiency and productivity and empowering our employees, that for me was what I was really coming here to focus on.

Speaker 1: I think for myself, I’ve just become very comfortable with the company and where we’re at, and I’m realizing that’s probably not the right attitude to have. Even though things are going well, we need to step it back up and get re-involved in our company to jump up to the next step.

Speaker 2: So far, I like a lot of the discussion on the core beliefs, core values, and again, he’s touching on a lot of things I’m here for. To start with is culture and just ideas on how to set up meetings and getting everyone motivated and recharged, so for that, yeah, I think so far it’s definitely worth the value.

Speaker 1: Day 3 of Warrior Track training. It’s been an exciting 3 days. We’ve learned a lot. We’re becoming focused. We’re going home with a plan and we’re making changes.

Speaker 2: Yep. Awesome. Everything looks good. We’re getting more aligned as partners in the business and looking forward to changes, positive changes. I’m most excited about driving our company like we’re a $20 million company, not looking at just small goals, looking at bigger ones, and moving forward in that direction.

Speaker 3: Awesome.

Speaker 2: Yeah.

Speaker 1: I’m looking forward to going home and making changes. I love the core value idea. We’re going to establish that as soon as we get back. We’re going to let people know we’re refocused, we’re re-energized, and we’re going to grow, and you’re going to grow with us or you’re going to fall off the business. You’re coming with us, boys.

Speaker 3: [inaudible 00:02:01].

Speaker 1: Hi. Day 4 Warrior Training. I’m going to tell you right now. If you ever come to this thing, you’re going to be committed. I learned more in the last 4 days than I’ve learned in the last 5 years. We signed up. We’re excited to be warriors. I’m looking forward to going home and making changes. Come to a class. Make sure that you enjoy it and you’ll learn a lot. Thank you.