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Setting Your Personal Mission

Most of you have a mission statement for your company. It conveys the core values, purpose, and the passion for everything that your company does. But do you have one for yourself? What is your personal mission for your business and life? As a business owner, they should be interconnected.

For many of you, the farthest you’ve gotten is “create a successful business.” But what happens after you’ve achieve success? What is your purpose after that? For many who haven’t set a personal mission, this is where their business or life starts to crumble. Having a personal mission for life, beyond financial wealth, is what will determine if you maintain your all-encompassing wealth.

Entrepreneur says that you should “fashion a personal mission statement that clearly acknowledges and includes desires and relativeweightings of the four kinds of wealth.” The four kinds of wealth are Relationships, Experiential, Spiritual, and Financial:

– Relationships:

The nature and quality of relationships with family members and important friends.

– Experiential:

The memories created while doing things that you bring you joy, adrenaline, pleasure or deep satisfaction.

– Spiritual:

Staying true to and furthering profoundly held beliefs and values, whether they’re expressed as a traditional faith or simply resound in the way life is lived.

– Financial:

The accumulation of monetary rewards for building a successful business.

To set your personal mission, you need to define your mission for the four categories of wealth, and then rank them in order of importance to you. Congratulations, you now have your personal mission. Write it down and put it somewhere to remind you every day of WHY you are doing what you do.

At CEO Warrior, we can help you figure out your WHY or personal mission, which ultimately impacts every decision you make. We can work to get you the lifestyle you want from the business you have.

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