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Service Business Owners Need To Think Differently

I’m betting if one of your service trucks somehow got stuck in the mud, it wouldn’t stay there very long. You’d expect your technician to work it out by shifting back and forth between reverse and drive… and if that didn’t get it out, to put down some sand or something to give the wheels some traction. And if it was still stuck, a tow truck would be called to get that service truck unstuck and back on the road.

No service business owner is going to leave a service truck stuck in the mud. But how many service business owners leave their businesses stuck at the same level?

Is your service business stuck? How is this year’s revenue compared to last year? the last few years? Have you hired any new employees? Put any more trucks on the road? Are you growing your service business or have you hit a plateau? Are you stuck?

The thinking that got you here

I know what it’s like to work hard, grow your service business, have some success and then realize you’ve hit a plateau and you can’t seem to grow it beyond that point. My business partner and I know exactly what it’s like to be stuck. That’s why we founded CEO Warrior and why we’re passionate about working with services business owners to get their businesses unstuck and growing.

The game-changing advice my mentors gave me—which I share with business owners who come to our CEO Warrior events—is: “The thinking that got you here won’t get you where you want to go.”

Plenty of plumbers, electricians and HVAC technicians have become entrepreneurs and successfully grown their businesses to making $700,000 or $800,000 in annual revenue. Their goal was $1 million, but they got stuck. It happens to service business owners who get to $1 million in revenue. They can’t take their business to $2 million a year (or $5 million or $50 million) with the thinking that got them to $1 million. Ken Blanchard, author of Leading at a Higher Level, says, “If you want to go places you’ve never been before—you have to think in ways you’ve never thought before.”

The thinking that will get you where you want to go

What one thing separates those who keep growing their service businesses from those who get stuck? They keep learning to think at a higher level. They know that small thinking will keep their businesses small. The thinking that got them to $1 million will never get them to $5 million.

If you want to grow your service business from where you’re at now, you will need to learn to think at a higher level. Destroy your limiting beliefs; open your mind to possibilities you didn’t realize existed; and push yourself in your marketing, recruiting, service, and every other aspect of your leadership.

Now if you could get there alone, you would have gone there already. Thinking at a higher level requires you to reach beyond yourself—to find mentors, new resources and education. CEO Warrior is a training and coaching organization. Our Service Business Growth Intensive was designed to help service business owners to think at a higher level so they can take their businesses to the next level.

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