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Serve Your Customers Better with the Most Organized Trucks in the Home Services Industry

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Getting you out of your truck to work on your business instead of in your business is really important to us at CEO Warrior. But we don’t want you to forget about the trucks and service vans in your business and how they’re being operated. You’ve got your business name on those trucks and you take pride in your fleet, but we also want to encourage you to keep your trucks organized and efficient to speed up your business growth.

Keep your trucks clean inside and out

Service technicians sometimes claim that their messy, dirty trucks prove how busy they’ve been—no time to clean up! You’ve seen how happy workers are when they are given a brand new service van—clean, stocked and organized—they take pride in it and they’re ready to roll. The opposite is also true. When you start the day with a messy, dirty, poorly stocked truck, you feel like you’re already behind. Here are five negative impacts of trying to work from a messy service van.

  1. It creates stress.
  2. It’s distracting. (You keep seeing stuff you haven’t put away.)
  3. It’s unhealthy. (Think about bacteria, viruses and pollutants.)
  4.  It affects your reputation. (What do your coworkers think about your mess?)
  5. It undermines your self-confidence. (Are you good at this job if you can’t even keep your truck clean?)

As the owner, you can change this. Set up systems for keeping your trucks clean inside and out.

Organize your service vehicles

If you’re wanting to grow and scale your business, you’re going to be acquiring many new service trucks. Get systems in place now so that when you purchase a new van for a plumber or HVAC technician, a system can be followed to install the racking and storage spaces, and load it up with all the necessary tools and supplies. We recommend having a daily inspection to keep all your vehicles organized. It’s not overbearing; it’s beneficial.

  1. An organized truck improves efficiency. Why let workers waste five minutes looking for a wrench when you could set up the truck so that the wrench is always in the right place? Your master tradesperson in each department should be able to lay out the best, most efficient way to organize trucks in their trade.
  2. It’s professional. When there’s a place for everything and everything is in its place, you can work like a professional on top of their job. Remember it’s your company name on the side of that truck. Do you want people to see junk falling out when the side door is opened or do you want them to be impressed by how organized it is inside?
  3. It’s the best way to serve your customers. When your service expert returns to the van to grab a tool or a part, but doesn’t come back for five minutes, what do your customers think? Can your workers respond to emergencies if they can’t find equipment quickly?
  4. It makes inventory control easier. It’s not efficient or cost effective to be ordering a dozen new gizmos when someone actually had ten of them hidden away in their van. Keeping your trucks organized makes it much easier to maintain proper inventory levels.


Keeping your trucks clean, organized and supplied will help you serve your customers at the highest level. It’s also about taking pride in your brand and being professional. Less time being wasted looking for tools and better inventory control will improve your company’s bottom line. Your service experts will get more jobs done more efficiently with organized trucks.

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