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How To Sell Your Services Without Coming Across As A Salesperson

If you’re tired of your current sales technique and worry about how the customer perceives it, consider trying this alternative approach

Chances are, you didn’t get into plumbing because you loved to sell. Most plumbers got into the business because they liked working with their hands, they liked helping homeowners, or they were raised in or inherited a family business.

And selling? For most plumbers I know, selling is a “necessary evil” that comes with the territory. It’s not that selling itself is bad, since you know you provide an important service and you’re ethical about it. But selling in general feels forced and can still sometimes feel slimy, even if your services are legit. You probably have also noticed that if a customer feels like they’re being sold something, they shut down.

Fortunately, there’s a different approach that erases all those negative connotations about sales and can still help you deliver great services and even make more money than the selling approach you are accustomed to.

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