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Overwhelmed by Business? Ask These 6 Questions To Take Control Of Your Business And Your Sanity Again

You started your service business to help homeowners and to create success for yourself. But something happened between the first day that you were in business and today. You had the best intentions then but today you might be bogged down with too many demands, not enough time, and challenges that you never dreamed you’d face!

How do you stay on top of it all? How do you stay sane? And more importantly, how do you continue to grow even when you’re so busy?

Ask these 6 questions whenever you find yourself feeling overwhelmed or wondering what happened to your business because it’s not helping you live the life you want…

Question #1. “What If… ?”

Ask yourself this question first to tap into what you think your better business and life would be like. For example, “What if I got home in time to have dinner with my family?” Or, “What if I made enough money to get the car I always wanted?” Or, “What if my business ran itself for a while so I could take some time off?”

Question #2. “What Would That Look Like?”

Ask yourself this question to dig into that “what if” question a little more, to discover the details. Keep an open mind to the answers you get, even if they seem to be too difficult to attain right now. For example, “What would that look like if I got home in time to have dinner with my family?” That question might reveal that you need to get out of the office by 5 p.m. every day so you have time to go home… and maybe even stop on the way to pick up flowers for your spouse!

Question #3. “What Needs To Be In Place?”

Ask yourself this question to get clarity on what factors need to be different than they are today in order to achieve your “what if” target. In the example I’ve been using above, you might realize that your paperwork needs to be done, your day tomorrow needs to be planned, and the crew who are working during the evening needs to have their tasks clearly spelled out.

Question #4. “What Do I Need To Do?”

Ask yourself this question to see what exact tasks you need to do in order to achieve the circumstances you just outlined in the previous question. For example, if you want to be done by 5 p.m. then your paperwork needs to be started by 4 p.m. and your schedule for tomorrow needs to be hammered out by 4:30 p.m., while the evening crew might need to get their assignments from someone you delegate to be in charge during that time.

Question #5. “What Can I Do Right Now?”

Ask yourself this question to understand what actions you can take right away. I’ve been using a very simple example but you may find that you have a longer list of things to do and not all of them can be done right away (some are dependent on other tasks being completed). For example, you can work on your paperwork and tomorrow’s schedule right now, and the delegation of the person in charge might take a day or two to find the right person.

Question #6. “What Needs To Change So I Can?”

Ask yourself this question to reveal if there are any roadblocks in your way of taking action right away. That’s because it’s easy to think of things you need to do but it’s harder to actually do them. For example, what needs to change might include: you need to set an alarm to remind you to start your paperwork earlier, or you might need to skip that long coffee break in the late afternoon so you have a few extra minutes to work on your schedule.

These 6 questions are game-changers when you ask them in this order and follow-through with the answers you’ve discovered. They walk you step-by-step through a thought process to get control of your business, stop feeling overwhelmed, and start building it again in a way that inspires you and provides wealth, freedom, and market domination.

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