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Ron says you aren’t successful until you go see Mike, and become a Warrior!

Well, one is I certainly like Mike’s leadership and how he approaches it. I think that what I see is, is if you raise your leadership you can raise your overall effectiveness within the company and your team. For my department it would probably be an additional 10 million per year, which I know is achievable for us. I think with Mike’s guidance here it will help us reach that goal sooner rather than later. Mike has lived it, he breathes it, he eats it, he sleeps it, he loves it, and he’s got a passion. The passion is what does it.

To me it brings a lot of merit to have it here in his building. Mike shares the success of the staff within the building, and that obviously … in listening to a lot of people here, it opens up a lot of eyes and gives them ideas on how they can be more successful, so I’d say it’s a home run.

I’d say, “Listen, you’re not successful until you go see Mike and become a warrior and only until then will you know what success looks like.”

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