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Richard feels he’s going away with much more than he could ever possibly have imagined.

This is hardcore stuff. This is not a fluff that you get over at one of the hotels in Vegas. This is life and death, and we’re looking at it just that way, and we’re seeing lots of life coming. We’re very, very pleased with what we’ve seen so far. And we’re only into the middle of the second day. We’ve still got two and a half days to go. It’s going to blow my mind, I know, but that’s okay. We can’t tell you how much this is worth. It’s far beyond what our imagination even thought that we would be able to accomplish in a situation like this.

I think I’d have a real talk in the mirror. Where is my company now? How am I doing profit-wise? How am I doing with getting new clients? Where is there growth factor? My company was struggling a bit, not quite sure how to go about putting in some of the time-saving things that can be learned here. I would most definitely recommend that they take advantage of this opportunity because they’re going to go away with much more than they could ever possibly have imagined.

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