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Recruiting Marketing Tips for Your Plumbing Business

Recruiting Marketing Tips for Your Plumbing Business

What’s going to happen if a business doesn’t have A-players? It’s going to fail!

If you want to recruit the right people, you’ve got to pay attention

to these plumber marketing tips.

Here’s something that people don’t tell you about your plumbing business marketing strategy.

It can’t just focus on clients.

You have to come up with some plumber marketing ideas targeted towards recruiting.

There’s a simple reason for this. Having the wrong people in your business means it’s going to go down the toilet.

Your culture will suck because you’re not recruiting for business fit. The A-players won’t even hear about you or, worse yet, they will and they’ll actively avoid you.

  • Warrior Glenn Dickey had this problem. He didn’t have the right people in the business. When he started making changes, a lot of his people resisted.
  • They wanted to keep doing things the same old way, even though it wasn’t working.
  • It was only after he got rid of those people and started using new plumber marketing ideas for recruiting that the business turned around. He got his A-players and his business has almost doubled its revenue since he became a Warrior.

Now you need to know how to do plumber marketing for recruiting. These eight plumber marketing tips will help.

Tip #1 – Don’t Feel Like a Hostage to Your Best People

You’ve probably already got an A-player or two in your business. You know this person. They’re awesome at the job and you put a lot of work on their shoulders.

They’re irreplaceable, right?


Thinking like that means they’ve got you over a barrel. You’re a hostage to them because if they leave, you’re screwed.

Except you’re not. There are millions of people in your state and a lot of them are going to be A-players too.

So the first thing I want you to do is stop letting the A-players you have now hold you hostage. Otherwise, you’re going to focus too much on them and too little on these plumber marketing tips.

Tip #2 – Build Your Avatar

You have to make sure you have an avatar before you start hiring.

What’s an avatar?

It’s your ideal recruit. It’s the profile of the type of person that’s going to come in and help you grow. They are going to mesh with the culture you are building and they are going to do the exact job you want.

That’s how to improve a plumbing business.

You’ve got to build an avatar for every role you want to fill. Think about the skills you need and the personality type that fits your business.

That avatar’s going to help you create your job listing and ensure you’re targeting the right people. You save time interviewing people who aren’t ever going to fit your business. And that means you can focus more time on attracting the A-players.

Tip #3 – Present Yourself Well

What’s the first thing a potential new recruit sees when they arrive at your office?

You’ve got ancient vans covered in rust. You’re working out of some crappy trailer or unit.

It’s not the most attractive sight in the world and the A-players are going to make note of that. They want to work for companies that are on the way up.

That’s not what you look like right now.

Of course, you can only do the best with what you have. But having old gear and a tiny office is no excuse to just opt out of presenting yourself well.

Do what you can to make the office look appealing. If you’ve got old vans, at least keep them organized and service them regularly.

Don’t hide from the fact that you’re trying to grow either. Tell your candidate what you’re hoping to achieve and what your vision is for growth beyond where you are now. Share your plumber marketing ideas and make your business look and sound like a place that they’d want to work.

Tip #4 – Manage Your Internet Footprint

Taking control of your online presence is one of the key plumber marketing tips.

And that’s not just for clients. The A-players are going to check you out as soon as you appear on their radars.

That means they’re looking at your website and your social media. They’re checking out review websites to see what your clients have to say about you.

You’ve got to manage all of that so that they’re getting the best impression possible.

No A-player wants to work for a company that has a crappy reputation. They also don’t want to work for people who aren’t putting their best foot forward online.

Build an awesome site and engage with your clients. Ask them to leave reviews and share positive feedback. That creates an online trail that potential new recruits will pick up on.

Tip #5 – Identify the Needs You’ll Need Before You Need Them

That’s a mouthful right?

What I mean by that is you’ve got to stop recruiting for today. If you want to grow, you’ve got to start recruiting for tomorrow.

That means building your future strategy into our recruiting marketing.

Sit down and ask yourself “If I grow this year, what am I going to need next year?”

That might be new technicians. You might need a new general manager to help you deal with expanding into a new location.

It could be anything.

Write that down and apply it to your recruiting efforts. Focus on bringing in the right people now so that tomorrow goes smoothly.

Tip #6 – Move Away From the Standard Techniques

Your plumbing business marketing strategy has to change when it comes to recruiting.

That means it’s not enough to put an ad in the paper or post a job posting on some other company’s website.

You’ve got so many tools at your disposal that you can use to grab the attention of A-players.

Your social media comes in again here. If you’ve got a job, get it on LinkedIn. Get it on Facebook. Let people in your industry know that you want them.

Consider using billboards. That’s a great way to spread the word, plus it’s one of the best plumber marketing ideas because you’re getting your brand out there.

There are so many more. Direct mail, recruiting cards, your network, radio and TV.

Get into the trade schools. Head to military locations to scout people on the verge of retiring from the army.

You have all of these different options that you’re not using.

Tip #7 – Get Out of Your Own Way

You might be the problem here.

For example, let’s say you’re thinking about bringing in someone who needs a license. What’s the first thing you’re thinking?

If you’re telling yourself that you can’t trust your new recruit because they’re probably going to do work on the side, your thinking is all wrong.

Do you know what stops A-players from looking for work elsewhere?


You’ve got to create a business that makes them want to stay. That means getting out of your own way and growing your mind so you can build an attractive business.

Tip #8 – Look at the People You’ve Got Now

All of these plumber marketing tips focus on bringing new people in.

But ask yourself this.

Are you doing enough to turn your B and C-players into A-players?

You might not need to start recruiting new people. You may already have a guy or a girl who wants to move up and take on more responsibility. You’re just failing them because you’re not giving them the chance.

This is where converting your mind becomes important. You probably haven’t figured out that you have these people right under your nose because you’re not a strong enough leader to convert them.

Figure out how to set the mindset, the skillset, and the action set for these people. Set your philosophy, help them understand it, and give them the tools they need to change.

The Takeaway

Your plumbing business marketing strategy has to focus on recruiting as much as it does your clients.

That’s how you attract the A-players to your team.

You have to take control and get out of this mindset that your best people control your company. Know who you are, what you offer, and who you want to work with. Get out of your own way and grow your mind.

Then, put these tips into practice. You’ll get your business in front of the right people and start building an awesome team.

I’m going to wrap up with one last question.

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