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Raise The Bar With Your Customer Service

Promise us you will stop aiming for good customer service. Most other service business owners, including your competitors in home services, would say that their goal is good customer service. Your service business will not stand out if you have the same goal. Good customer service is not good enough if you want to grow your business and get wealth, freedom and market domination.

How good is your customer service?

Think about the level of customer service your company offers as your team members go out to:

  • perform a fall furnace tune-up
  • clear a clogged drain
  • install a tankless water heater

Your employee gives a quote, completes the work and collects payment. I’m sure they were polite, wore a clean uniform, and tidied up after they were done. The customer likely said, “Thanks.” Most service business owners would say this was good customer service, but it wasn’t good enough!

What most service companies define as good customer service is actually the bare minimum that homeowners expect.

Why good customer service is bad service

In a controversial part of Mike Agugliaro’s book The Secrets of Business Mastery, he argues that good customer service is actually bad service. Mike asks us to imagine going out to a nice restaurant and experiencing one of these scenarios:

  1. You were seated late, you were served cold food, and the waiter was rude.
  2. You were seated promptly, you were served decent food on time, and the waiter was polite.
  3. You were warmly welcomed into the restaurant by a waiter who seemed genuinely thrilled that you were there, you were given delicious food faster than you expected, and the manager came by to personally thank you for your patronage and offered you a complimentary chocolate lava cake for dessert.

Wow! Scenario #3 was clearly the best customer service. You would’ve loved it and you’d be looking forward to returning there with friends.

Scenario #1 was obviously bad and you’re never going back to that restaurant, right?

But scenario #2 is the deadliest form of service because the restaurant thinks that they’re giving “good service” by seating you promptly, serving decent food on time, and having polite waiters. But this isn’t good customer service—this is the bare minimum that customers should expect.

And this is the same mistake being made by most home services companies.

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Take action to WOW your customers

We asked you to think about your level of customer service. Now, ask yourself this critical question: Would your customer get the same good customer service from any other home services company? If that’s true, if you did nothing to impress the customer, to make them feel special or to stand out from your competitors, your service call will not be memorable.

Stop aiming for good customer service. Raise the bar. WOW your customers! Serve them so well that they literally say, “Wow!” during your service call. Impress them so they will remember you the next time they need a home service. Exceed their expectations and they will tell their friends and family members about your company. Good customer service can get you loyalty, but WOW-level service will make them customers for life and evangelists for your home services business.

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