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Mike Agugliaro to Present Central Jersey Business Alliance Keynote

Hey everyone, I was just featured in an article on here is a little snippet.

Mike Agugliaro, founder of CEO Warrior and co-owner of New Jersey home service business, Gold Medal Service, has partnered with the Central Jersey Business Alliance to deliver the Dinner Program keynote address. The free business community event will take place September 10 at the East Brunswick Public Library to highlight steps owners can take to better promote their business.

“My entire career is based around breaking business barriers by investing in methods of expansion that work, and streamlining the rest,” said Agugliaro. “While my coaching company reaches a national audience, Central New Jersey is my home and I’m looking forward to sharing proven business mastery methods with the area’s entrepreneurs and business owners.”

As the keynote speaker, Agugliaro will highlight ways business owners can boost the awareness of their brand by understanding and leveraging specialized techniques in order to overcome business road blocks. As a home service industry veteran, Agugliaro fine-tuned his management methods to turn his home service business into a $23 million dollar company in less than 10 years. Joined by panel members Darr Kartychak of Intermedia Print Solutions and Michael Tesalona of Bradford & Crabtree, LLC, the Central Jersey Business Alliance dinner event will showcase ways to solve growth dilemmas and easily expand a business by 30 percent or more per year. Other topics discussed will include search engine optimization, website lead generation, and new promotional items and methods. Space is limited and reservations are required to join.

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