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Providing High-Quality Services

Many businesses shy away from offering premium services to their clients. In this article, Joe Crisara explains why this is wrong and points out the right approach to take.

A business should concentrate on providing high-quality services. Focusing on the bottom line might work for a period of time, but the market will eat you alive if this is all that you care about. And yet, many service businesses put the bottom line above everything else.

In addition, many fall into the trap of competing on price, falsely believing that people are looking for the cheapest option out there. Naturally, this prevents them from offering premium services.

Joe Crisara has been hard at work to educate people against this. He’s an entrepreneur and a sales coach at America’s Services with over 40 years of industry experience. As we go along, you may agree that his unique approach to the service industry is worth paying attention to.

For a start, he developed the Pure Motive Service model to show people how to succeed in the service industry. In essence, it’s all about giving people choices that best serve their needs. You’ll see why it’s great for providing high-quality services and setting yourself apart from the competition.

The Pure Motive Service Model

For Joe, the Pure Motive Service model was a life-changing business move. It allowed him to get out of crushing debt and grow his business in stride. 

Here’s how Joe describes it:

‘Simply put, if you go to every single customer, when you show them your service, you can offer them a premium service, mid-range, and a low-end grade, and let people make their choice.’

Seems straightforward enough, doesn’t it? But how come so many service businesses don’t offer premium services?

Because they don’t know any better. They think that customers are unwilling to pay for premium services.

Joe warns against this line of thinking. And this is why businesses benefit from his coaching. Tim Grover, a CEO Warrior, has the following to say about it:

‘Everyone needs a coach, that’s the first thing no matter what level you are. Your greatest individuals have coaches, they’ve always had coaches and always going to have coaches.’

Joe teaches people why they shouldn’t be afraid of offering premium services. He likens it to a gas station. Some of the customers only want economy gas, while others aren’t going to settle for anything less than premium.

The point is that there’s a market for both premium and regular. And your goal should be to offer people a choice.

This brings us to an important point that we need to touch on.

Focus On Your Customers Instead Of Yourself

Among other reasons, Joe believes that businesses aren’t providing high-quality services at premium prices because they don’t know their clients well enough. They focus on whatever core service they offer and wait for people who’ll need it.

This is no way to run a service business, at least not if you intend to make it. Instead, you have to anticipate your customers’ needs and create an offer that aligns with those needs. This is how Joe explains it:

‘If you just go to a dentist office, for instance, try to walk out of there without making another appointment. They always make you set that appointment anticipating your needs, as opposed to waiting for you to call them.’

Regardless of your service, there’s always something else that you can offer. But there’s another obstacle that you must overcome.

Turn Sales Challenges Into Opportunities

Another thing that holds businesses back is a reluctance toward offering premium services. For some reason, many of them think that it will make them look money-hungry.

Joe advises for you to let go of this line of thinking. He explains that today’s businesses have a financial obligation that they didn’t have before. They need to make enough money for providing high-quality services to their clients.

Rather than looking at it as a sales challenge, you’ll look at it as an opportunity to add better services to your line-up.

This is very similar to what happened to Matt Garfield, who joined CEO Warrior a couple of years back. He wanted to branch out but wasn’t sure about which direction to take his service business. With CEO Warrior, he learned all about the benefits of premium services and the rest was all she wrote. His business has enjoyed incredible success as a result.

Matt has this to say about the training:

‘It has just been above and beyond what I expected. I wish I would have done this three years ago and not waited. The amount of info I’ve learned these last couple of days has just been through the roof.’ 

The point is, don’t be afraid of offering premium services. It will provide value to everyone involved, provided that you do it the right way.

Recruiting And Building A Pure Motive Service Team

So now you know the importance of offering different levels of services. In order to do that, Joe explains that it’s necessary for you to have a high-performing team by your side.

Here are some of the ways to accomplish this:

Hire And Retain Good Employees

Many businesses struggle to find good employees. Joe believes that this is because they don’t have a prototype of the ideal employee. This means that you need to have an idea of who you’d like to be working for you. Know the qualities that you’re looking for and search or hire until you find that person. 

After that, all you have to do is to multiply that prototype, perhaps with some variations to suit. But it’s important to note that you shouldn’t focus too much on hiring new people. You need to invest in the prototypical people under your employ and keep them in your company. 

You can do this by training and coaching your existing team. With the Pure Motive Service method, you’ll be able to give them the knowledge they need for providing high-quality services

Learn To Let Go

In relation to the last point, not everyone will fit your prototype. And that’s fine. But don’t keep people who aren’t giving their all and who don’t fit your company. 

Set up a reward system for people who do the best work. A meaningful reward can take on many forms, so don’t just focus on money. Whatever you do, let them know that you value the work that they’re doing. A little acknowledgment can go a long way, and it can motivate people better than money.

For the rest, wish them well and let them go. Never compromise the quality of your services just because you can’t fire someone. Focus on hiring the right people, reward them for doing the right thing, and let go of those who don’t measure up.

You’ll develop a system of accountability in the process, which will constantly push your people to do better. The result is a team of high-performers who have the motivation for providing high-quality services.

Customer Relationships Before All Else

The last point is also the most important if you’re to apply the Pure Motive Service model. 

Customer relationships are crucial to any service business. Rather than focusing on sales, invest in the development of customer relationships. If you’re offering premium services, you need to make sure that they meet all of your customers’ needs. 

Joe uses his own experience as an example. He made sure that his customer understood what his company’s there for. He offered her the best option because it fell in line with her lifestyle. She traveled a lot, so Joe installed the best system that she could count on to provide her kids with heat when they’re home alone.

He also focused on air quality for the benefit of her family. And then he offered them a service plan so that her husband wouldn’t have to change filters. In doing so, Joe let the customer know that he truly cared about her and her entire family.

This is how you can build strong relationships with your customers, which is certain to give you a competitive advantage. That’s the beauty of focusing on the development of long-lasting connections over sales.

Embrace Multi-Level Services

There you have it. You’ll want to start offering premium services as soon as possible. It can really move your business forward and help you develop long-lasting relationships with your clients.

Joe has helped many companies to do just that. His Pure Motive Service method has transformed service businesses in a wide range of industries, and it can do the same for yours.

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