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Priming Your Mind at Night

You can’t start your day right if you don’t prepare yourself the night before. It’s time to get your mind in peak condition to achieve service business success.

We all talk about how important it is to start the day off on the right foot.

You’ve got to nail down your morning routine. Do everything that you can when you wake up to get your mind right.

And that’s true, but it’s also not the whole story. 

I believe that your success as a service business owner depends just as much on what you do the night before.

That’s because the night time gives you the chance to prime your mind for tomorrow. 

But how do you do that? I have a few tips service business owners like you may find useful.

Tip #1 – Don’t Wear Branded Clothes to Bed

I wear the brand and the shield of CEO Warrior for most of my life. When I’m awake, I embody that brand. However, I don’t take it to bed with me.

This may be a little idiosyncrasy of mine that doesn’t make sense to some. But when I go to bed, I want to go to bed clean. I want my bed to be the one place where work isn’t a factor. 

Wearing branded clothing to bed means that I’m constantly reminding myself of work. And while I love what I do, I can’t have it on my mind 24/7.

Tip #2 – Read a Book or Study a Training Program

What do you do before you place your head on the pillow and try to sleep?

For a lot of us, the TV is the main port of call just before bed. We switch it on to some random show until we get drowsy. Maybe it’s just a way of getting a little entertainment before we go to sleep.

But the TV isn’t going to prime your mind for tomorrow.

I never watch TV before I go to sleep. Instead, I’ll grab a book or I’ll check out a training program. I’m getting my mind engaged right before I go to sleep so that my brain’s working for me while I’m sleeping.

Think of it as setting an agenda for your brain. You’re going to read this valuable piece of information and your brain’s going to work it over while you sleep.

Tip #3 – Slam Some Water

It’s always a good idea to have a bottle of water on the bedside table when you go to bed.

I also recommend slamming some water right before you go to sleep. After all, you’re about to spend a lot of hours unconscious and not drinking. 

If you slam some water before you sleep, you can stave off the dehydration that naturally occurs during sleep. And that means your brain has what it needs to keep ticking while you’re not physically active.

Tip #4 – Do a Gratitude Exercise

Never forget how lucky you are to be here. In fact, make it a point to show gratitude every day before you go to bed.

I like to do a little gratitude exercise. .

Every night, I actively express how grateful I am for the day that I’ve just lived. I express my gratitude for the opportunities that the day brought with it.

I’m grateful for my clients and for my family, too.

Doing this will make you realize just how many awesome things you have in life. That means you’ll go to bed in a great mood and won’t have to deal with the stress that keeps a lot of people up.

Tip #5 – Make a Promise for Tomorrow

What are you going to do tomorrow that will take you a step closer to service business success?

Think about what it is and then verbalize it. Make a promise to yourself about what you’re going to do tomorrow.

For me, it’s always the same thing.

I promise that I will give my all to change the world and to change lives tomorrow. 

When I make that promise, I’m solidifying in my own mind what I’m here to do. I’m telling my mind what it needs to prepare for when tomorrow comes. The goal is to create positive transformation to lead to the success of a bunch of service business owners.

What’s your goal?

What do you want to achieve with the life that you’re living?

Figure it out and make a promise to yourself every night, that you will do what it takes to reach that goal tomorrow.

Tip #6 – Remind Yourself That Every Day is a Gift

I’m going to cheat a little bit with this last one because it crosses between the night and morning routines.

As I said earlier, I always express gratitude just for being here as part of my nighttime routine. Part of that involves reminding myself that every single day is a gift. The day that I’ve just experienced is a gift that not everybody got to experience.

And there’s always a possibility that I won’t be here tomorrow to experience the next day.

So, I always remind myself that today was a gift. 

Then, I do it again when I wake up in the morning. I open my eyes, sit up, and smile. The world has given me another gift by allowing me to wake up to this new day.

Now I’m going to do everything that I can to keep the promise that I made to myself the previous night.

Prime Yourself Every Night

Your mind is just as important as your strategies when it comes to service business success. You’ve got to prepare yourself for whatever the day may bring.

These little routines of mine can help you do that. They guide you in seeing just how much life has given you and how lucky you are to have the chance to be here.

Maybe it all sounds a little woo-woo to you. I’m not going to deny that. 

But at the same time, I know that this routine helps me to wake up and feel ready to take on the world every morning.

Of course, there’s a lot more that you need to know to achieve success as a service business owner.

So… I have one last question for you:

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