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Powerful Tips For Recruiting and Hiring [9th Day of Christmas]

At CEO Warrior, we’re counting down to Christmas with some amazing gifts to you. Here’s a gift for today—nine days before Christmas. (Plus I have another gift for you in the PS!)

Recruiting and hiring

it’s one of the biggest challenges that service business owners face. Well, let me help you out with a couple of powerful tips:

Step #1.

Make a list of your very best employees… the ones you wish you had more of.

Step #2.

Ask them how they found your company and what made them decide to work for you.

Step 3.

Ask them if they have any friends who are a lot like them who they’d like to work with. (Remember this: we tend to hang out with people like us, so if you want great employees, get your great employees to invite their friends to work with them!)

Step 4.

Consider what other factors are common among your great employees. For example, if they all hunt, maybe you need to adjust your business to attract more hunters: advertise on local hunting websites and consider shutting down your business for hunting season (or at least minimizing your calls for that time so your hunting employees can take vacations during hunting season).

Bonus tip:

take a long deep look at your business and ask yourself: do people LOVE working here or do they just tolerate it because it pays their bills? Think about what would make more of the best employees love WORKING for you. Here are some other ideas: Build a stronger culture that is tight-knit, hold more friendly contests, have a barbecue every week, go out of your way to serve your employees.

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