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Welcome to the Step Up! Podcast. We’ve got Mike Agugliaro on today. Mike is a person who owns now a twenty three million dollar business so I hope that peeks your interest a little bit but what’s interesting about Mike and I really just overall enjoyed this conversation, probably, one of the best podcast so far.I think the building of the wealth, the freedom, the market domination that he has really gone through, he got his book out “Secrets of Business Mastery”, he runs a mastermind group, but it’s really in a sector that is interesting because it’s about the service industry and there is this sort of transformational approaches to this service business and it relates to anybody’s business especially even the digital marketing business where he’s really focused on customer service and focusing on the customer and focusing on approaching this business in a sort of a different way.

He has a lot of great tips. This podcast episode, I could listen to it over and over again. There’s so much that he talks about that’s just so solid. Being twenty years into a business, starting out when he was in twenties and how he has gone through, getting pass the point of north of twenty million. You really look into his lifestyle and things he has done. We talk about a lot of things that made him who he is today. It’s just a great overall podcast whether you are interested in digital agency business or just trade old fashion brick and mortar businesses. This is a great interview. Don’t forget to stop by at for all the best in wholesale digital services.

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