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Building systems and marketing that works with Jonathan Rivera.


In this week’s episode of The CEO Warrior Podcast, Mike Agugliaro interviews Jonathan Rivera. Jonathan is an accomplished entrepreneur and podcaster, he built a podcast network called The Podcast Factory and speaks about building systems and marketing that works.

Main Questions Asked:

● What’s Jon up to right now?
● What is direct response marketing?
● How do you identify what your market needs?
● Do you find yourself stacking messages?
● Where should someone start if they want to build systems in their business?
● What’s your perspective on growing businesses?
● How does someone challenge their limiting beliefs?
● Tell us about the Podcast Factory.
● What’s the most important thing we should focus on over the next few years?

Key Lessons Learned:


● Having a mentor gives you an edge and accelerates your learning.
● Mentors offer a separate perspective that you can’t see yourself.
● Find mentors that have done things you want to do.
● Mentors are a role model for what you want to achieve.

Direct Response Marketing

● Essentially, marketing by the numbers. Very different from branding.
● Focuses on getting people’s names in your database.
● Test, measure, and duplicate what’s working.
● Image ads help solidify your position once you have market share.
● Focus on your message around your market’s needs, pains, and wants.
● Use emotional language to elicit an emotional response.


● If the message brings results, don’t change it.
● Trial and error is important, start small and tweak until your message resonates.
● Don’t give up on a message too soon, give it time to sink in.

Systems Building

● Systems lead to time freedom.
● Involves testing what works and what doesn’t over time.
● Building a system requires feedback and an understanding of the important numbers.
● Systems allow you to delegate, they are a codified way of running your business that allows you to be hands off.
● Systems are about optimizing, automating, and outsourcing, in that order.
● Figure out your end goal, map out the path that a system would create for you to achieve that.
● Systems require constant adjustments to make sure they are still on track.
● Focus on the output but remember to take the steps in order.

Business Growth

● Identify the resistance that is holding you back. Beliefs that are limiting you.
● Identify the problems you will run into and the solutions you will use.
● Write out your plan for the problems you identified, then execute.

Limiting Beliefs

● Identify the feelings and emotions you have around your success at something.
● Eliminate negative self talk, you are your own worst critic.
● Failure and success come together.
● Find a way to enjoy your journey and not just the destination.
● Think of failure as data, don’t take it personally.


● Podcasts are a great opportunity for self learning.
● Producing a podcast can be a lot of work.
● It helps to have a team you can rely on.
● Makes you a better leader, communicator, and listener.
● If you planning your follow up response, you’re not really listening.

The Future

● It’s important to really know your market.
● Understand deeply what your market wants and needs.
● Don’t get distracted by new tools and gadgets.
● Keep things simple, focus on what works.

Final Tips

● Focus on the output.
● Make sure you have great mentors around you.
● Market by the numbers, test, track, and duplicate.
● Understand your market’s hot buttons.
● Test small, then go big.

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