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Guest Interview on Gene Hammett’s Podcast!

Interview On Leader In The Trenches

Host: Gene Hammett



This Podcast Will Cover:

  • How Mike went from $1 to $23 million in revenue in 10 months
  • The 3 things that shifted his business
  • Getting people to trust you
  • How to create WEALTH not money
  • How Mike gets people to attend $3,000 events
  • Why you should outsource to a VA

Practical and Actionable:

Write down all your limiting beliefs. identify the skill sets you still need and acquire those skills. Find a mentor or coach who can short track it for you. take massive action every single day. Be totally hungry and and treat your target like oxygen.

Resources and Links

Connect with Mike on Facebook. And Connect with me too on LinkedIn or Twitter @genehammett.

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