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Picture the Future of Your Service Business Now

business vision

Picture the future now.

A business vision is what you see occurring in your business—a picture of the results you expect to achieve. If that picture of the future is clear and bold, it will help make the results really happen. Your vision should not be made of vague wishes and dreams. Make it a picture of the real results of real efforts. Vision will move your mind from the future to inform and energize the present. It’s crucial for your business to be guided by a compelling vision.

Here’s why a business vision is so powerful:

It shows everyone in the company where they’re headed

It will take three to five years to get there, but the vision gives a clear picture of the destination. A vision defines what success will look like. So many business owners have some vague idea of success or making lots of money, but they really have no idea where they want to go. The more you can see, feel and taste your business vision, the better your mind and the minds of everyone in your business will work like GPS units constantly guiding and course-correcting everyone to that destination.

It’s unifying

Cast the business vision boldly and clearly, and you will get your team aligned and moving together in the same direction, as if they were a championship rowing team, each rowing their own oar in perfectly synchronized unison.

It can be very motivating

If you believe in your business vision and it excites you everyday to work on making it happen, your team is going to get excited about that vision too. Bring them into it and their wills and energy will help make the changes needed to fulfill the vision. People want to be part of something bigger than themselves and they will give their best when they see the vision getting traction.

It becomes the practical guide for setting targets and developing KPIs

Work backwards from the vision and you’ll be able to set annual targets, and then develop key performance indicators (KPIs) for everyone who contributes to each of these targets. A vision is your practical guide for setting targets, developing KPIs, creating business plans, making decisions and running your business day-to-day.

personal vision

It contributes to your personal vision

Most business coaches and books miss the importance of aligning your business vision with your personal vision. This is your business. It should be contributing to the fulfillment of your personal vision. If the business vision is being fulfilled, but it’s doing little to help you fulfill your personal vision, how could this possibly be considered successful?

Your business vision needs to come out of your personal vision. You have envisioned what you want your life to be like, haven’t you? Your business must contribute to the fulfillment of that vision. Why else have a business?

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