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Phil learned you have to implement to be successful!

I heard about the seminar through the HVAC News and then I called and Contacted Mike. Mike called me back, explained everything to me in detail, and I figured he had the credentials being he has a large company. It’s not just joining another group where they give you a bunch of stuff and take it with you and you don’t know how to implement it. I was looking for something different and this appears to be it.

You have to learn how to implement. You’re going to have to be dedicated. Anybody can give you material, but if you don’t know how to implement it and you’re not serious about it, it’s just not going to happen.

They might have been stung by other groups, where they have joined. They spent a lot of money and they’re doing the same thing. Nothing has ever really changed your company, or a change so small that it really doesn’t matter. This appears to be a different approach, so it’s somewhat of a game changer. Like I said, you do have to be committed or it’s not going to work, just like anything else.

It’s doing a mindset change on me, is what it’s doing. Mike gives you the opportunity after the first day that we were here yesterday, 12-13 hours, could have got up and said, “It’s not for me. I want my money back.” That’s what he would have done. I’m still here, so it must be going forward in the right direction.

You’re having a seminar at his business. You can see all his employees engaging what they’re doing daily. There’s a lot of things here that I’d never saw before and how things take place throughout the day. It’s not like you’re at a hotel and they’re telling you about something, “This is how we do it,” but you’re not actually there, so you really don’t know what’s going on somewhere else, as opposed to, you’re here, you’re living it, you’re seeing what’s going on. It’s proving that they have the credentials.

The training’s fantastic. This is a different … It’s different than going to a seminar and getting a pep talk and so forth. These are actually things that you can put into motion right away.

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